For Worapol Nuanla-ong, drawing has been a joy since childhood and is almost the only thing that makes him happy. “Every time I draw, it’s like conveying my happiness that I keep inside onto a piece of paper, so now it’s a hobby that pays off and I plan on continuing for as long as I wish,” The artist comments. He received a bachelor’s degree in art and has been continuing to produce artworks ever since. His work presents Buddhist philosophies through abstract art.

During his master’s degree, a professor named Itthipol Tangchalok suggested that if he wants to improve his work, he should try meditating and practicing Dharma (buddhist studies). At the time, he was doing expressionism on the topic of thunderstorms and didn’t think much of the method, he just wanted to improve himself as an artist so he followed what his professor suggested. “Turns out that when I did it, I felt happy,” Nuanla–ong recalls. Practicing Dharma turned into true happiness and it was a subtle pleasure that he gained from it that made him believe in the routine.