Brand We Love

Thorr, Passion of Thai Weaving Culture

Starting from Thanapat Boosanan, founder of Thorr, who had been an expert in bamboo architecture was inspired to add more value to Thai handicrafts. She wants to empower young Isaan (North Eastern) women by providing employment for their children and grandkids, so they may be proud of being rural children. Proud of the expense of living associated with forefathers’ creative and cultural legacies.

The design and woven technique formed with generation of knowledge from locals and passed through this knowledge to the new generation to preserve this value of handcraft, Thorr would love to present the perfect balance of modern and traditional vibe.

Mothana ceramic

MoThana Ceramic has its own designated art style, focusing on simplicity.

Their homemade glaze is what separates them from other ceramic brands, producing a shiny finish unlike no other. Their products are well measured and kept consistent to maximise it’s use; most of which are inspired by the designs of porcelain ware. Some products come with a pattern or subject painted under the glaze and can be requested, but most pieces are original and held simple.

Hayak by Thai Together

Yak is the guardian of the temple and palace. Before he become a vigorous Yak, he also was a little baby before. With big smile and protective heart, he is a symbol of happiness and good luck. Little baby Yak named “Hayak” is our first collection. They will bring good luck and happiness to everybody.

WAT About Siam, Exploring Thai cultures through the scenery of temples and palaces

‘WAT ABOUT SIAM’ is willing to be one of you to let you take a deep rest by their items. The enlightening stupa is not just being a candle stupa but your warmest hug during the happy time, Joy time, Sad time, and Relaxation time that will stay with you calmly and comfortably.


ZHOWCASE is known as a brand of textile products that combine handicrafts with modernity. Capturing Thainess in a new design, adding graphic patterns to create a new image for products with a Thai aura. Along with applying design to create products that are charming, easy to understand, beautiful, but hidden with Thai values and meanings.


YSJ Interwoven Co., Ltd. (Matter) was established in 2018. It is a manufacturer and distributor of modern mats under the brand Mat-er, a brand that means “mat maker” because we are the factory owner. Produce export mats for more than 30 years. With experience and the inspiration to create Thai mat products to be accepted internationally and increase the value of the product. Therefore, we intend to develop products from folk mats used in general households to be of better quality. It has a pattern design, and modern colors, suitable for lifestyles that meet the needs of users without leaving a Thai identity. It also combines the wisdom of traditional handicrafts with modern production technology. To become a mat instead of a carpet with beautiful patterns that match the lifestyle of the new generation. By adopting durable fibers with weaving technology that is 3 times tighter than conventional mats and reinforced with UV protection compounds, our mats will last a lifetime without fading. Therefore, it is accepted by both Thai and Thai customers. and foreigners.

“Nature” is the “root” of life, combined with experimenting with new possibilities. Thai fabric weaving techniques, and the wisdom of Thai people, which is the “roots” of Thai culture result in a variety of colorful contemporary mat patterns Let these home decorators choose according to their own style.

Selected Art Toy and Sculpture by SILPA

We collected beautiful art toys and sculptures from various artists. Meet the one and only special art toy and sculpture in the world.


Papaya Studio is Thailand’s largest antique warehouse since 1981. They have been in business for almost half a century. There are 4 stories filled with pieces of vintage and antiques. It is home to not thousands, but millions of antique pieces. All kinds of antique, art and retro items can be found here.

Many visitors say that Papaya Studio is not just an antique store but it is like a museum. This is a must-visit place and is a place for awesome collections of antique items that you can and can’t imagine. You might find some items that flash back your memories.

JIDAPA Thaicraft

JIDAPA Thaicraft was founded in 2015 with the will of supporting Thai fabrics local producers and passing on the knowledge of Thai fabrics and textiles to another generation.

They have been lucky to work with a team of experienced people and passionate master weavers who have been with them for years. Every single piece is woven by hand on a traditional loom. Each piece has their own stories and identity traits with the unique handicraft.

Vision is to be “Art gallery for Thai Silk”

Inspired by the spellbound magic of Thai fabrics, JIDAPA Thaicraft aims to be the place that connects local artisans to people as well as gather quality and dedicated handicraft works from Thai artisans from various places into one place.

Khummueangnuea : The Antique Shop

“Khummueangnuea” which located in River City has been opened for almost 10 years by “Veerachai Chaicharoen”. The story started when Veerachai was a teenager. He has an interest in the amulet, Pendant, and Buddha Statue. From his interest into the expert. He become more wildly popular in Northern Thailand as “Joke Lumphun” and started his own antique and amulet association in order to inherit Thai antiques and amulets.

VIP Thaisilk

VIP Thaisilk was founded by Miss Waraporn or Aiw who was born and raised in a weaving family in Surin province. She has learned and been familiar with real silk for most of her life.

Being in the field of real Thai silk for over 30 years made her understand the authenticity and dedication of each silk piece. Thus, VIP Thaisilk was established with the aim to share the love and beauty of Thai silk to people. VIP Thaisilk only selects authentic silk pieces from all over Thailand. All pieces are guaranteed to be real Thai silk with a premium grade. Each piece is one-of-a-kind!

Buran Benjarong, Making from love

Buran Benjarong and Ceramic Co., Ltd. was founded on March 22, 1994 in a small rental house in Samut Sakhon, Thailand. Started with a capital of only ten thousand baht by producing within the family. Witoon and Somchit (older sisters) who initiated the early Benjarong production.

At first, it was produced based on their own preferences by imitating the old Benjarong. It was enough to sell with a small production. After producing it for a while, they found that if they continued to produce their work from only what they like like this, they would not be able to keep selling.

As Witoon is a person who likes to experiment things. He did many trial and error which continually resulted in a formula for making “Benjarong embossed color” and getting a different shade of Benjarong that was unique and different from the market. After that, Buran Benjarong began to produce “embossed Benjarong” to the market.

Tuh Praewa Thaisilk

Praewa is a cultural heritage belongs to Phu Thai community for centuries and centuries. The name perfectly speaks it own character that “Prae” means silk and “Wa” is Thai measurement indicating to its length. The two meters long hand woven silk textile has been women clothing’s accessory for special occasion. And now let this craft wear make your clothing a special occasion one everyday.

Yaowarat Antique Shop

“Yaowarat Antique” located in Yaowarat Street known as the old town of Bangkok has been open for over 30 years. Started by the family of “Danvirunhavanich”. By having a passion for collecting little antique items such as old stamps, and antique toys into Benjarong or Porcelain plates.

Then Mr.Danvirunhavanich began to open his own antique shop which at first named “Chiva sart” meaning “The lesson of life”. After the retirement of Mr.Danvirunhavanich, “Tee” known as “Tee Yaowarat” : son of Mr.Danvirunhavanich has taken over to take care of this antique shop. Yaowarat Antique Shop is a popular-oriented antique store among Bangkokian people. Many of their antiques have a unique southeast Asian and Thai style.

For those who love Asian antiques, once you come to Bangkok, it’s a must to visit this place!