Supot Kunanukun known as ‘Sit’ graduated from Silpakorn University, a famous art school in Thailand. After 10 years of experience, he started doing soil art which is an ancient method but he applies new techniques to make it last longer. His unique style and his charming story-telling of each painting will make the audience drawn to the world of soil.

If there is a person who always brings a bag to pick soil from the ground or who feels happy everytime he sees soil poured and mixed with water – that person must be “Supot Kunanukun”, an artist who uses earth clay as a raw material for doing his artwork. Adapting with the wisdom of the ancient method and the wisdom of an artisan teacher which has been inherited for hundreds of years, it became a unique piece of work, Kunanukun shows internal delight and growth.

Supot Kunanukun acquired Thai painting skills from Silpakorn University. After graduating, he spent his life being an art teacher at Rung Arun School, an alternative school where he started to learn and understand his inner self. After 12 years of teaching, he decided to become a fully independent artist making work for Terengganu State Palace, Malaysia, and had the opportunity to travel to Dubai to do art for many years