Somnuk Wongpoomchai also known as Tee was born and living in Thailand. He has graduated with his bachelor’s degree in the Fine Art Department from Popchant Institute Rajamangala institute of technology.  His inspiration for Art, started when he was working in a Gallery after his graduation. At that time, he didn’t know what exactly was his style until his potential artwork caught the owner of the gallery’s eyes. After the owner’s suggestion, he started to paint in an impressionist style, and it has become his own favorite style since then.

Finding his own unique way wasn’t easy and took time. He has been using the brush for all of his teenage life until once there was a group exhibition where his friend and he exhibited their artworks together. Back then not so many artists in Thailand used the trowel. As his artworks are impressionist, which needs to capture the environmental light and the speed of movement of nature and using a brush didn’t match his speed, so his friends suggest he try using the trowel which later on becomes his painting technique and has made his artwork unique in his own style!!