Where are we from : Why are we here : Where would we go | Thongmai Thepram

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The worldly vs the unworldly series present “Where are we from : Why are we here : Where would we go

In nowadays society, most people lives their life following along the flow. Technology, advertisement, borderless communication, massive online informations are normal and part of everyday basis. Yet, people keep developing those mentioned to further pleasant their life. The easier life get, the more infatuate people would be. All these convenience at one end is the rising civilization of humanity. But at the other end, its’s the falling of the truthfulness as people lives unconsciously to an outer worldly and forgets the matter of a peaceful soul. However, Once living with mindfulness as well as consciousness to the phase that being able to give up all those civilized. One shall be enlighten and understand the truthfulness of an unworldly.

This picture comprise of 3 art frames which represented the past, the present, and the future accordingly. Thongmai Tepram  intentionally curated this to conclude the core concept of the series. That we only have to focus on the present and  neither the past nor the future. Because living in the present reflect the mindfulness and consciousness which are the keys to balance life between a worldly and an unworldly.

Technique : Acrylic and Pencil on Linen
Style : Fine Art
Year created : 2022
Size : 600 W x 200 H x 5 D cm
Frame : Not framed

Thongmai Thepram

A Professional Artist yet an Art Teacher who is now an assistant professor teaching at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Nakhon Ratchasima Rajabhat University, Thailand. Moreover, he’s currently holding the position of Chairperson of Bachelor of Fine Art Program in Visual Arts. For him, improving and constantly developing his works is a daily task and being a teacher gives him an opportunity to work and learn at the same time — both in technique, method and perspective while the equipment and setting are in full supported. 

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 Where are we from : Why are we here : Where would we go

The biggest ever artwork throughout Thepram’s professional art career, This masterpiece of the latest series was just exhibited at Chiangmai art gallery. This 2 meters high and 6 meters wide actually comprise of 3 art frames which, order from left to right, are “Where are we from”, “Why are we here”, and “Where would we go”. The ordering mentioned was a setting of “the past”, “the present”, and “the future”. The artist curated aiming to conclude the main idea of the series within. Which is about the paradox between the rise and fall of the worldly and unworldly. “These 3 are meant to be together and can not be separated. Anyway, I suggest to hang them around 10 centimeters apart as it’s a sweet spot for observing”, said Thepram.

“Where are we from” : the representative of the past, “even the question was said but the answer should not to be sought” said the artist. Living in the past is no use and according to Dharma, what passed, shall let it pass. The artist represented figures that their eyes were covered to remind that we must not think or look to the past. The past is no longer a priority so it’s only worth to let go.

“Why are we here” : the representative of the present, the only phase that should be focused on. “Living in the present is all we need but how to live it right is the question, I want to deliver this massage to remind people to live with mindfulness yet consciousness”, said Thepram. This middle frame is the only frame that the artist created figures with eye-open. First is to remind that eye-open is matter to only now, not neither to the past nor the future, and present day must be a priority. “Most people and including me from times to times are often sink within what happened or worry of what would happen out of our will or control. We keep the disappointment with ourself while being afraid of unnecessary cost. I opened the figures’s eyes to insist that eyes is only for now. So leave the past behind and let the future be”, explain the artist. Second is to remind people to see the opposition between the rising civilization and the falling Dharma or vice versa. So they could balance life right and not lean toward to only side of the spectrum.

“Where would we go” : the representative of the future, the unknown that we all about to meet but require not to explore. “What will come meant it’s have not come yet. So why people wasting time wondering or worrying of it instead of making it by living in the now”, said Thepram. The artist covered each figures’ eyes, just like he did with those frame representing the past, to remind of an unnecessary of future thinking.


The concept he wants to focus on right now is the current topics that are being widely discussed, including the present-day corona virus and how that has affected our function as a society. His current collection has been sent in to  competitions including Asia Plus, PTT and UOB, which had all given him great feedback as he was awarded a prize for every stage he entered. The most recent award being 2022’s UOB art competition for an artwork that he displayed at Chiang Mai Art museum. His other artwork was also auctioned off at RCB. All are categorized under modern art and had cartoon-like figures filled in with vivid hues.

Special touch to polish any artwork

“If you ask me, I can honestly say that I like drawing the most,” Thepram admits. Looking at his style, art form and content, we can see the difference through the varying phases but looking at it generally, one may not be able to tell that the work belongs to him. This is because he is always changing his art direction based on the pathways of his life. With the normal fluctuations of life, inspirations, point of view and ideas are bound to change, but what doesn’t is the notion of drawing. “Drawing is always the last step to every piece. No matter the color or size of artwork, I will always draw to polish and finish up my work. This adds depth and dimension to the piece and enables more detail and support to the overall visual form,” Thongmai explains his signature technique.


2012 Master of Fine Arts Program in Visual Arts, Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University, Thailand
2005 Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts Program in Visual Arts (Painting), Mahasarakham University, Thailand


2022 Bronze Award, Established Artist Category,13th UOB Painting of the Year (Thailand)

2022 Young Artist Award The 5th CLMTV&CN Contemporary Art Awards 2022 Mahasarakham

University, Thailand

2022 Award winning No.2, The 10th Asia Plus Painting Competition

2021 Gold Prize, The 36th PTT Art Award Competition

2021 Award winning, The 10th The White Elephant Art Award Competition

2020 UOB Painting of the Year Award, Established Artist Category,11th UOB Painting of the Year

2019 The Best Outstanding Award, Art Project with National Artist (10th Art Teacher)

2017 Targeted Creative Research in Visual Arts Scholarships from National Research

2017 Council of Thailand (NRCT)2016 Silver Prize, (Art Teacher) National Artist Roaming 2016

2013 Gold Prize, Phanomrung Painting Award 2013

2012 Grand Prize, Phanomrung Painting Award 2012

2011 Special Prize, The 23rd Toshiba Contemporary Painting Competition

2010 Fourth Prize, The 12th Panasonic Contemporary Painting Competition

2008 Fourth Prize, Young Thai Artist Award 2008

2004 Fourth Prize, Art Contest and Painting Award 2004

Solo Exhibitions

2018 “Record of story from traces city by found object” Exhibition

2013 “Metrology of Beauty” Exhibition

2011 “Introgression” Exhibition

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 The New Ark Exhibition, River City Bangkok.

2022 The Group Contemporary Painting Exhibition At Chaingmai Art Museum.

2022 The 10th Asia Plus Painting Exhibition

2021 The 36th PTT Art Award Exhibition

2021 The 10th The White Elephant Art Award Exhibition

2019 19th Contemporary Art and Culture of Higher Education exhibition

2019 “To carry on art and culture in honor of the King of the land”, Thai Artists Contemporary Artists Award 2019 Exhibition, USA

2019 The 21st Panasonic Contemporary Art Exhibition

2018 International Art Workshop & Exhibition, Nakorn Ratchasrima

2018 Contemporary Art Exhibition by Muang Pae Artists

2018 The 5th CLMTV Contemporary Art Exhibition 2018

2017 Ratchathani of Art Exhibition

2017 Contemporary art exhibition “Hundreds of hearts for the righteous King”

2016 The 4th CLMTV Contemporary Art Exhibition 2016

2015 The Art Exhibition for The King “King, Agriculture, Art”.

2014 The 3rd Exhibition of Lumnamkhong Contemporary Painting.

2013 The 2nd CLMTV Contemporary Art Exhibition 2013

2009 The 21st Exhibition of Toshiba Contemporary Painting Competition

2009 The 11th Exhibition of Panasonic Contemporary Painting Competition

2009 The 24th Exhibition of PTT Contemporary Painting Competition

2009 The Exhibition of Deviation Group

2008 The 2nd Exhibition of Fine Art Thai-Vietnam

2008 The 10th Exhibition of Panasonic Contemporary Painting Competition

2008 The 20th Exhibition of Toshiba Contemporary Painting Competition

2008 The 25th Exhibition of Young Artist Contemporary Painting Competition

2008 The Exhibition of Amata Art Award

2008 The 54th National Exhibition of Art

2007 The Art Exhibition for The King by Kasikorn Bank

2006 The 1st Exhibition of Fine Art Thai-Vietnam

2005 The 2nd Exhibition of Young Artist and National Artist Camp

2004 The 19th Exhibition of PTT Contemporary Painting Competition

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