Warmth | Thanpisit Saenjan

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This painting captures the essence of what we call our ‘comfort zone’. Despite its dominant cool tone, you can feel the comfort from the warm colours radiating from the homes outlined by thick brush strokes. The presentation of colours symbolise the world’s cold nature in contrast to the warmth or sincerity found at home.  This is a way for the artist to simply convey their feelings towards their hometown. You can also see the small details that paints the lifestyle they were so used to seeing – enabling us to truly be in tune with the artist’ vivid memory.

Technique : Acrylic on Canvas

Style : Fine Art

Year created : 2020

Size : 80 W x 60 H x 4 D cm

Frame : Not framed

Thanpisit Saenjan is an artist who started off as early as primary school — “The teacher saw my skills and signed me up for an art competition,” He tells us. “When people see the talent that you have and recognise the things that you love doing as a talent, it encourages you to continue and do more,” said Thanpisit. Growing up in a local community, he typically uses his work to reflect upon the lifestyle he had during his childhood and early teenage years.

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Get to Know the Painting

Outlining his home based on childhood memories reflected upon not only lifestyle, but the attachment and warmth the artist feels towards the place he grew up in. To viewers, it may be a rural home with a simple lifestyle, but to the artist, it reaches personal depth.

The painting depicts the Thai traditional Lan Na Home where the body of the house is normally lifted, creating a ground-floor basement-like space below the house for the occupier to store appliances. This specific feature of the home is what makes this lifestyle the way it is and is a common routine that is practiced among Thai local communities. More tools that are specific to rural homes in Thailand include fishing equipments, hunting nets and woven baskets, which are all placed in the basement in the evening so there’s easy access in the morning for when they leave to work.

Additionally, traditional Lan Na homes also have what they call a ‘Krua Fai’ (ครัวไฟ) or a Thai kitchen, which is a cooking space all provided by natural sources – no electricity. This is represented in the picture, where the artist illustrates brush strokes indicating smoke and cooking clay pots. Painting this subject was one of the prompts given to the artist during his masters degree – he became fascinated by the intelligence and wisdom of the villagers who use natural sources to aid their lifestyle. The artist wanted to make this part of his work in order to add on to the viewers senses, imagining the picture in real life can bring you to the exact location, perhaps even being able to smell what they’re cooking.


The artist chose to paint on the paper simply with acrylic, explaining that this is what he’s most familiar with and is quite easy for him to control. Most importantly, it’s easy to bring everywhere as it’s compact. Watercolour and oil colours are also familiar to him but due to the smell, he chooses to work with acrylic instead.

Solo Exhibitions


  • “Warm Lifestyle 1” Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel. Bangkok.


  • “Warm Lifestyle 2” River City Shopping Complex. Bangkok.


  • Post-Flooding of Life


  • “The old way to the new generations” by Thanpisit Saenchun.

Selected Group Exhibitions


  • 13th Young Contemporary Arts Festivals.


  • Contemporary Arts Exhibition in Japan.


  • 11th -14th and 16th PTT Art Exhibitions.
  • ASEAN Art Exhibition by Phillip  Morris.
  • 12th “For Best Things in Live” Toshiba (Thailand) Art Exhibition.
  • Kasikorn Bank Art Exhibition to Commemorate HM The King’s 72nd Birthday with 72 Artists.


  • Drawing Contest for textile embroidery by Bangsai Arts and Crafts Centre.


  • Art Exhibition of Chiang Rai Artists to  Commemorate 100th anniversary of Mae Fah Luang
  • 25th Bualuang Art Exhibition.


  • 4th Panasonic Contemporary Art Festival.
  • “Sen Silp Thai ” Art Exhibition at Baan Bangkok, Bangkok.
  • “12 Thai Images” Art Exhibition.


  • 14th “For Best Things in Live” Toshiba (Thailand) Art Exhibition.
  • Art Exhibition at the opening ceremony attended by HM Queen Sirikit.
  • 17 Sala Muang Pan Art Exhibition by Sala Muang Pan Group.


  • Participated as a committee in the construction of Contemporary Art Hall in Chiang Rai.
  • 26th Bualuang Art Exhibition.
  • 6th Panasonic Contemporary Art Festival.
  • “Chiang Rai Art” Exhibition at The National Museum Bangkok.
  • Guest artist at New angle of Arts at Bualuang Art Forum.


  • Selected to be a part of “The Beppu Asia Biennale of Contemporary Art 2005 at Beppu Art Museum, Japan.


  • Art Exhibition The Northern Mist, 9 Art Gallery.


  • “Artist Self Portrait” The Silom Galleria Bangkok Thailand.


  • Art Exhibition “Ambience zest way of Life & Beauty at Amari Water gate Hotel.
  • Exhibition “Small Homes in The Small Town, The Silom Galleria Art Space.


  • The Second Thai Art Exhibition by Native-Lanna graduates/Gallerie Panisa Chiang Mai.


  • Art Megong Subregion : Lanna-Sip Song Panna at Art and Culture Bureau Rajabhat Chiang Rai.
  • Art Megong Subregion : Sip Song Panna-Lanna at Sip Song Panna Art Exhibition Hall Yunnan Province, China
  • Art Exhibition “Sanchai Saiyai Silpakram” The Faculty of Art Alumni at Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna


  • KASIKORNBANK Golden Paintbrush Painting Competition in the Celebrations on The  Auspicious Occasion of His Majesty The King’s 84th Birthday Anniversary 5 th December 2011 
  • The 4th Thai contemporary Art Exhibition“ Planupap Hang Julasilpa”


  • 1st ArtBridge Chiang Rai Art Exhibition


  • ARTIST help out Earthquake disaster victims at Chiang Rai 5.5.2014
  • The 2nd ArtBridge Chiang Rai Art Exhibition



Prizes & Awards


  • Outstanding Award in Vocational School Category at 4h “For Best Things in Live”Toshiba (Thailand) Art Exhibition.


  • Outstanding Award at 5th Rajamangkala Samphan Art Contest.


  • Outstanding Award in contemporary art Category at Singapore Airlines Art Contest and be Thailand’s representative to jain a field trip to Singapore.


  • 1st Prize from Siam TV Art Contest.
  • 1st Prize from Mitsubishi 2nd Art Contest.
  • ​Outstanding Award from 14th Young Contemporary Arts Festival Contest.


  • 1st Gold Singha Award from Boonrawd Brewery Ltd.


  • Honourable Award from “Beautiful Sea, Beautiful Senses” 5th Art Contest by Chonburi Sriburapa.


  • Gold Medal Award from Bualuang 24th Thai Traditional Drawing Contest.
  • Outstanding Award from Bualuang Master Painting for Embroidery for Silpacheep Foundation under HM Queen Sirikit Patronage at Bangkok Bank.


  • Outstanding Award Master Painting for Scarves entitled “Rueng Khao” of Chitlada Foundation.


  • 2nd Prize from “King in Artists Hearts” Contest by ICC International Ltd.
  • Certificate Award at 17th PTT Art Exhibition.
  • Selected to draw at the closing ceremony of APEC by HM Queen Sirikit.


  • Honourable Award at 1st Samart Art Contest in 2004 to celebrate Smart Corporation’s 50th anniversary.


  • 3rd Prize in Drawing at the 3rd Amata Arts Awards 2006.

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