War of the Future World | Jirasak Tareyachai

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This painting portrays an armored man who seems to be fighting in the war. It represents how humans are about to be replaced by the advance technology but they still ignore the impact and are still obsessed with it. In the future world with advanced robotics and AI, they are starting to take the role of humans and have potentials to replace humans in many ways. Tareyachai uses this as a driving force for his imagination to create this work. With a texture painting technique, he conveys this painting in futuristic vibes.

“When the world is in the war of advanced technology, Chaos then arises.”Tareyachai.

Technique : Acrylic on canvas with gold leaf

Style : Thai Contemporary

Year created : 2021

Size : 140 W x 140 H x 4 D cm

Frame : Not framed

Jirasak Tareyachai is young but a skillful Thai contemporary artist who is full of passion and inspiration in Thai art. He always transfers his feelings and thought through his artworks which show his Tareyachai’s true identity.

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The concept behind this artwork

From what Tareyachai has studies, he found that the level of human creativity is increasing higher and higher because of environmental factors that occur in conjunction with cultural traditions. This does not refer to dreams or metaphysical in general, and refers to dreams that use the accumulated thoughts and experiences of each person to create creative works of art.

Therefore, Tareyachai aims to create living things from his living experiences through what he encounters in the present time, together with his ethics and beliefs in Buddhism and other various beliefs to convey stories from people’s feelings and beliefs. Tareyachai hopes to convey the past in the form of the present.

Get to know the artist

Jirasak Tareyachai is a young Thai artist who is enthusiastic and full of passion in Thai contemporary art. He is from Lampang province which is in the Northern part of Thailand. With the love in art, Tareyachai completed a degree in art and has been creating numerous impressive art pieces.

The starting point

From the passion for Thai art which is considered an art pattern in the past that has been inherited And continuing to the present, there are many forms of Thai art work, including paintings, sculptures, and architecture. Respect for sacred things, Buddhism, as well as beliefs on various subjects. The expressions according to Thai art patterns are conveyed in symbols, gestures, patterns, and colors that can demonstrate their power. has meaning and beauty These are all important factors in creating Thai works. which is the creation of contemporary Thai painting that uses a combination during the expression of thoughts, emotions, feelings by using shapes that show strength that is linked to traditional shapes by using Thai arts as a form of action for the expression of intense movement as a case study and create an atmosphere of the image reflecting the feeling of the visual elements of nature, earth, water, wind, fire, focusing on the sedation and trembling. to show the power of the superposition of shapes There are conflicts, harmony is the power of shapes in Thai art in the form of contemporary Thai painting.

The concept

Tareyachai’s artworks are inspired by the belief in the Trailokya (three worlds) in Buddhism, which consists of various shapes in Thai art such as gods, deities, Himmapan beasts, and Thai architecture that is influencing from the homeland that is rich in beautiful arts and culture in the past. Although they began to be abandoned and decays over time, those shapes still retain their beauty and power. Tareyachai conveys a story through imagination in his mind and mixes with his personal feelings.

What inspired you as an artist?

Most of my inspiration comes from the surroundings including arts and culture from the north because it is my hometown. From that, I combine it with my feelings, thoughts, emotions, happiness, suffering, sadness, restrained. All of these are what I create as my work of art.

The turning point in life that made you start to like or work on art

The turning point for me would probably be the pressure on the education system that makes us feel like everyone has to understand in the same thing in the same way. When we understand things differently, we will be strange and is set apart. Other kids liked to study hard on serious subjects, while I enjoyed art. That was how I discovered that I like art.

Another turning point was my family back in the past 10 years. In Thailand, our parents still did not know much about art. At home, I was discouraged my interest in art to the point that my parents refused to send me to school because they were afraid that I would choose art as my profession. From then on I began to take art seriously to prove that I can live with art!

Tell us about your style that you like to do on a regular basis

My favorite style is texture painting. It arises from my passion for both painting and sculpture. I couldn’t decide what I prefer.. So I thought, why don’t we combine the two? This is the beginning of the technique of texture painting. I start with painting with a bas relief sculpture with acrylic paints. Then I will proceed to the painting process until it is complete.

Which artwork that you are most proud of?

There is no one particular painting that makes me feel more or less proud and satisfied. Every painting is a memory of that certain time. The happiness that arises at the time might seem to be small but it is a reminder to ourselves to not give up on our happiness. It may be small but is worth it!


– Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts majoring in Thai Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture, Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna (Payap Campus), Chiang Mai, Thailand



– The Winner of water painting “กึ๊ดเติงหาป้อหลวง ลำปางฉายแวว” Exhibition Event at Central Lampang, Lampang, Thailand

– 2nd runner-up prize in drawing competition in Art of Horse Carriage City Event at Lampang Arts Center, Lampang, Thailand

– The Winner of the Tourist Attractions Photo Contest by True Corporation Public Company Limited, Lampang, Thailand


– Honorable Award for Photography in the topic of “From the mountain to the land” by Department of Skill Development, Lampang, Thailand


– Received a scholarship from Princess Marsi Foundation

– Selected to exhibit the artwork in “The Best Art Thesis Exhibition 2022” at The Queen’s Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand 



– “กึ๊ดเติงหาป้อหลวง ลำปางฉายแวว” Exhibition Event at Central Lampang, Lampang, Thailand

– “Lampang My Home” Photo Exhibition by True Corporation Public Company Limited, Lampang, Thailand

– Nakhon Lampang Photo Exhibition, Baan Sao Nak, Lampang, Thailand


“From the mountain to the land” Photo Exhibition by Department of Skill Development, Lampang, Thailand


– Reconnecting Exhibition at La Luna Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand

– RAHAT THAI 2 at RMUTL Art & Cultural Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand


– “รอเธอกลับมาเล่นมุขสีเหลือง เย่ลโล่” Exhibition at Nan Riverside Art Gallery, Nan, Thailand

– Ro-Man Exhibition at W8 Art Space x Viangpha café in Chiang Mai, Thailand

– The 16th National Youth and Juvenile Art Exhibition

– Online Exhibition by The New Gen Connected Art Fest

– MYTH Arts Exhibition at Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center


-​ Art Thesis Exhibition RMUTL 2022

“The Best Art Thesis Exhibition 2022” at The Queen’s Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand 

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