War I | Tanapong Tatan

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War I

This gilded acrylic on canvas painting is the first of the ‘War’ collection, consisting a total of 2 editions. The two piece series is a combination of Thai traditional fine art and conventional art, which represents the constant disagreements that goes on within our minds. From the artist’s experience of contrasting ideas in the mind, especially between traditional and conventional – this concept is exhibited through the narrative of the painting. 

Technique Gilded Acrylic on canvas

Style : Buddhist Art

Year created : 2021

Size : 130 W x 150 H x 5 D cm

Frame : Yes

Tanapong Tatan is an artist who has an expertise in wall painting – specifically drawing murals with Thai patterns. Tracing Thai patterns can be easy, but drawing it from scratch takes years of experience. Tanapong has observed the intricacies of Thai pattern or Laiy Thai ever since his younger years, making him a true expert on detail. His art is well recognized and well-represents the complexity of Thai art.

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Get to Know the Artist

The starting point of Tanapong’s art career started from his father, who is a sculptor, therefore most of his childhood was spent watching his father sculpt several products, from architectural pieces to murals — some of which are renovations, while some are made from scratch. He had many opportunities to help his dad with work, which allowed him to assist in these art processes and build a strong, first-hand foundation from there. While sculpting his own ceramics, he incorporated Thai patterns, which required a lot of observation and studying to precisely include small, intricate details. This pushed him to study patterns everyday with consistency, developing his skills and turning him into the professional artist that he is today. 


The inspiration behind his artworks stems from his passion in Thai culture, which he views as a source of imagination for many, especially for fine art. Thai paintings have recently become more modern by the change of color, shapes and iconography. “Most of the topics from my works are based on our conscience, inner mind and the notion of our thought processes. When I view other artworks such as temple murals, I would try to understand what the artist at the time was feeling and try to replicate that mood while making my own art,” He describes his art. 

The charm of art for the him lies within the stories that are told through the power of visual image. “It is a gift that we are given the ability to deliver messages without having physical conversation. Some conversations are harder to have than others. I try to share my message to the world through my artwork, whether it would start discussions is another thing, but to invite my viewers to think and evaluate things is already an accomplishment to me,” He concludes his mindset. 


2021 La Luna Art Gallery Exhibiition

2021 2nd Rahus Thai Art Exhibition at Rajamangala University of Technology, Lanna

2021 Chiang Mai University Art Centre Exhibition

2015 “แต้มสี ตีเส้น เล่นดินและหอณ” Exhibition at Kad Kongta Art Gallery, Lampang

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Dimensions 150 × 130 × 5 cm


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