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WAA-YU (Cool)

“WAA YU” mats are woven with different textures and colors that vary from area to area. Combined with intricate weaving techniques to discover new possibilities of weaving mats that create new and more contemporary textures and colors, patterns, and colors, while retaining the “root” of Thai wisdom and culture we live in harmony

Design : WAA-YU Cool Pattern

Size : 0.9×2.0 (S) / 1.5×2.4 (M) / 1.8×2.7 (L) (meter)

Color Tone : Black, White, Grey

The MAT-ER mat can be used on both sides. Plus, the mats are made from premium materials so they don’t trap dust, they’re UV protected, and they’re a kid- and pet-friendly. What’s more, it is a toy-grade plastic.

Pick one to match your habitat, mat that come with various functions and practical. Modern mat from MAT-ER.

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Modern Thai handicrafts for every lifestyle.


In the past, mats were one of the appliances that every household had in the house, popularly used to cover the guests either on the patio or around the house. In addition to receiving guests, the mat is also used as a place to sit and eat together in the family or lie down and rest. And can be used in a variety of ways, but with patterns, colors, and quality that do not match the current home decoration style, thus making Thai people’s lifestyles forget about using mats. The utility of the mat should not deteriorate over time because mats are the wisdom of ancestors who can create appliances that are suitable for the way of life of Thai people in hot and humid weather. Therefore, we intend to upgrade the handicraft of Thai mats to better meet the lifestyle of today’s lifestyle. To transform the old mat that is familiar with the design of patterns and colors to look modern.

Moreover, special non-gloss recycled PP plastic material is also used in order to improve the production process to make the mats more durable and to add special properties that make the MAT-ER mat non-dust, waterproof, and UV resistant, so that the mat does not pale Not cracked or broken frame. Plus, can be used on both sides, can be used both indoors and outdoors as well. which can prevent dust mites, mold, and bacteria. These features will add value to Thai products to meet international standards.

3  things we focus on:

Design mat instead of carpet

Mat-er has a variety of designs that meet the lifestyle of modern people to replace carpets to decorate condos. Suitable for hot and humid climates. because it is easy to clean and does not collect dust No problem with dust mites, mold, and bacteria.

Eco-friendly quality materials

Made from recycled plastic Help reduce plastic waste and pollution to the world. The paints used in production are safe for small children and your pets.

Meticulous in every production process

We pay attention to every detail of production. From the selection of colors, materials, and quality that is woven 3 times thicker than general mats, durable, not brittle, and easily broken. Can be used on both sides, meticulous in sewing with modern production techniques.

WAA-YU (Cool) 


Nature is our roots: Revive your spaces with “Nature”. All life has its origins in “nature”. “Nature” brings life to your ‘home’ too.

Nature on the ground: Mat-er’s new brand launch collection is inspired by the ‘nature’, the ‘roots’ of life, combined with experimentation with new possibilities. ‘Thai weaving techniques, the wisdom of Thai people, which is the ‘root’ of Thai culture. resulting in a variety of colorful contemporary mat patterns Let these home decorators choose according to their own style.

  • THA-RA [Tara]
  • WAA-YU [Wind]
  • PAT-TA-PII [Earth]

3 patterns from ‘natural’ to contemporary mats that help decorate your space instead of carpet be contemporary and be yourself.

WAA-YU [วายุ]

The wind is nature that makes us feel alive even though we cannot see it with the naked eye. The house is decorated to feel comfortable and comfortable. The occupants can recognize Even invisible, the “Wind” mats are inspired by the lines of the passing wind. Combined with the discovery of new possibilities of traditional Thai weaving with the technique of weaving “Mud Mee”.

From the process of dyeing yarn in bulk to be dyed in various rhythms Of the technique of weaving Mudmee Mat-er sees the uniqueness. And picked up to design a new style of mat pattern that is contemporary. More adapted to the modern home decoration style. By picking up the overlapping elements of the yarn that are colored. with alternating thick and thin graphic lines which is like a line of wind blowing through It creates patterns and colors that come to life while still keeping the “root” of our Thai wisdom and culture in perfect harmony.

Features of MAT-ER mats
  • Can be used on both sides.
  • Does not absorb dust and does not cause allergies.
  • Does not absorb water, does not grow moldy like general carpets.
  • It- Easy to clean, just wash, wipe and dry.
  • Color does not fade quickly, does not crack easily good heat resistance because it has UV protection.
  • Made from recycled plastic fiber material Help reduce the amount of waste for the world.
  • Child and pet friendly because it is a toy-grade plastic.


Company Background 

Maker: Jedsada Sakdasukon

YSJ Interwoven Co., Ltd. (Matter) was established in 2018. It is a manufacturer and distributor of modern mats under the brand Mat-er, a brand that means “mat maker” because we are the factory owner. Produce export mats for more than 30 years. With experience and the inspiration to create Thai mat products to be accepted internationally and increase the value of the product. Therefore, we intend to develop products from folk mats used in general households to be of better quality. It has a pattern design, and modern colors, suitable for lifestyles that meet the needs of users without leaving a Thai identity. It also combines the wisdom of traditional handicrafts with modern production technology. To become a mat instead of a carpet with beautiful patterns that match the lifestyle of the new generation. By adopting durable fibers with weaving technology that is 3 times tighter than conventional mats and reinforced with UV protection compounds, our mats will last a lifetime without fading. Therefore, it is accepted by both Thai and Thai customers. and foreigners.

“Nature” is the “root” of life, combined with experimenting with new possibilities. Thai fabric weaving techniques, and the wisdom of Thai people, which is the “roots” of Thai culture result in a variety of colorful contemporary mat patterns Let these home decorators choose according to their own style.

3 patterns from “natural” to contemporary mats that help decorate your space instead of carpet
  1. THA-RA  [ธารา]
  2.  WAA-YU  [วายุ]
  3. PAT-TA-PEE  [ปฐพี]

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 90 × 200 × 1 cm

S, M, L


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