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Made with wonderful detail in a beautiful handmade style!! This vintage rattan picnic basket was made 74 cm tall in western style from Europe. I would say it’s a perfect match for your lovely living room. This basket is ideal for a family picnic or a little picnic with your beloved friends!

Size : 46 x 32 x 74 cm
Weight : 1.6 kg
Material : Rattan

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love” – Papaya Studio

PAPAYA STUDIO is Thailand’s largest museum-like antique store covering a massive area of 4 stories filled with million pieces of furniture and decoration. Papaya has been in business for almost half a century.

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What is rattan?

Rattan is a plant that hangs from palm trees and is a naturally growing vine-like species that is native to tropical regions. Rattans are extensively used for making baskets and furniture. When cut into sections, rattan can be used as wood to make furniture. Rattan accepts paints and stains like many other kinds of wood, so it is available in many colors, and it can be made into various styles. It’s a material and style that has never truly gone out of fashion and it’s that timelessness that makes it so appealing to so many people.


Make your home look warm and tropical

Rattan is strong and durable. Natural rattan is grown under harsh conditions in tropical areas, and the vines protect themselves against rain and hot climate. It is quite resistant to any kind of wear and tear. Rattan also requires a little care as it is stain and weather resistant, making it a good material to use outdoors.

A place for antique gems – PAPAYA Studio

Papaya Studio is Thailand’s largest antique warehouse since 1981. They have been in business for almost half a century. There are 4 stories filled with pieces of vintage and antiques. It is home to not thousands, but millions of antique pieces. All kinds of antique, art and retro items can be found here.

Many visitors say that Papaya Studio is not just an antique store but it is like a museum. This is a must visit place and is a place for awesome collections of antique items that you can and can’t imagine. You might find some items that flash back your memories


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Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 26 × 32 × 74 cm