Tradition Thai Boy | Morrakot Naksin

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Naksin’s impressive skills on Thai fine art brings us a sharp painting of a Traditional Thai Boy. The element that encapsulates the overall Thainess is the hairstyle – the artist brings reference to hairstyles that local villagers would give to their children. Turning back, the facial expressions aren’t shown; this puts heavier emphasis and detail on the cultural aspect of the content as well as the excellent shading technique done using oil colour.

Technique : Oil on canvas
Style : Fine Art
Year created : 2021
Size : 120 W x 120 H x 3 D cm
Frame : Not framed

Morrakot Naksin, an artist who represents modern Thai style featuring traditional inspired themes on his oil on canvas’s painting. After receiving Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts from Chiang Mai University as well as studying in Europe, his art form was shaped to be his first edition signature’s style. Nevertheless, he is further pursuing his Master degree and developing his style for the better way of expressing and delivering meaning.

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Get to know the painting

The painting of three boys illustrates Thai culture of hairstyle in the past. According to Naksin, human faces can be deceptive, impure, manipulated in accordance with the state of human emotions and temperaments. Facial expression hence is not delivered in this painting to show the originality of culture purely. The silhouette around the edge emphasizes the innocence of three young males with focus on strange hairstyle for these days, Juk, Kale, and Koh, which respectively show their presence towards seer uniquely.

Thai Hairstyles for kids in the Past

There were normally 4 hairstyles for Thai kids in the past, Juk, Klae, Koh, and Pia.

Juk is popular in rich people society because it looks beautiful and cute. The bun can also be inserted with a gold, silver, swordtail hairpin or garland to show wealthy status.

Parents will shave off their children’s hair and leave them in a clump called “Klae”, which some children may have two, three, or four clumps.

Koh will leave only one clump of hair on the hair whorl, the other areas will be shaved clean.

Pia is a continuation of the Klae and Koh. When the rest of the strands start to get very long, parents will braid it into a braid and let it sway according to the child’s movements, so it won’t catch on in a bun.

Get to know the Artist

After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts in 1993 from Chiang Mai University, Morrakot joined an Exchange Project of Painting at the Curtin University of Technology, School of Art, Perth, Australia the following year. Between 1996 – 2000, he studied Sculpture at Sint-Lucas Academia, Ghent, Belgium. Finally coming back to his home land, he further studied art and received his Master’s degree in Fine Art in 2007 from Chiang Mai University.

The story behind his artwork

The source and i

nspiration came from memories in the past where he lived in the countryside, the natural scents of the fields, gardens and canals, as well as the culture an

d traditions of that area and during his later life, he had the opportunity to study at Chiang Mai University. At that time, he spent a period of time living in Chiang Mai for 9 years. After 9 years in Chiang Mai, he had the opportunity to study in Belgium for a period of time. For 7 years he has been studying various arts and cultures as well as the way of life of Europeans. Throughout his 7 years there, he had learned arts both directly and indrectly, exhibiting his artwork around Belgium as well as The Netherlands. 

“I have been able to absorb the way of life, including the various arts and cultures of the Lanna people, the smell of nature and the beauty that I have experienced”, He states.

Morrakot had created his signature Art form by improving the traditional Thai Lanna style he familiared himself with during his time in Chiang Mai. Experiencing working with such master creation like ancient paintings, he picked different elements from shapes, outlining technique, symbols, cultural clothing as well as hair style for further art experimentation. He mixed up those Northern Thai elements by the time he was in Europe. Finally the first edition of his art form was published.

Group Exhibition :

1996 : De Koning van Siam, Westfries Museum, Hoorn, The Netherlands


  • Snit-Lucas Accademia, Ghent, Belgium
  • De Brouewrij, Museum Koekelare, Belgium


  • Les Enfants du Mekong, Cultureel Centrum, Ukkel/ Brussel, Belgium
  • Westfries Museum, Hoorn, the Netherlands

1999 : Gallery De Impasse, Brussels, Belgium


  • Art Museum, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Shilpa Bhirasri Memorial Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Centrumvoor, Intercultureel Management, Mechelen, Belgium

2002 : Contemporary Thai- Belgium Art Exhibition, National Museum, Bangkok

2004 : Contemporary Thai- Dutch Art Exhibition ,The Queen’s Gallery Bangkok

2005 : Galeria de Arte Ryoichi Jinnai,Lima, Peru

2006 : “VISUAL DESIRES” Sunjin Galleries(s)Pte Ltd Singapore, Amari Watergate hotel, Bangkok, Thailand


  • DIFFERENCEWAYS – Naresuan University Art & Culture Center, Phitsanulok, Thailand
  • DIFFERENCEWAYS – Hatyaicity Art & Culture Center, Songkhla,Thailand
  • The Step of Spirit, RIVER CITY COMPLEX BKK, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Images of Asia And Faith, ISB community initiative BKK, Bangkok, Thailand
  • “ARTIST SELF PORTRAIT”, The Silom Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand


  • DIFFERENCEWAYS – Eastern Center Of Art And Culture Burapha University), Chonburi, Thailand
  • DIFFERENCEWAYS – Emjaroen Gallery, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Solo Exhibition :


  • Het Waterschapshuis, Memdemblik, the Netherlands
  • Stadsfeesstzaal, Antwerpen, Belgium
  • Ham- Mechelen, Belgium

1997 : Les Perles de Pluie, Brussels, Belgium

1998 : “Bird”, Zeedijk, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


  • “De Lanchende Monnik” Drongen / Ghent, Belgium.
  • Les Perles de Pluie, Brussels, Belgium

2000 : “Centrumvoor”, Intercultureel Management, Mechelen, Belgium

2001 : Westfries Museum, Hoorn, the Netherlands

2002 : “Faith” Amari Watergate Hotel, Bangkok, THAILAND

2003 : INVE Technologies, Dendermonde, Belgium


  • Sunjin Galleries(s), Pte Ltd Singapore
  • Amari Watergate hotel Bangkok, Thailand


  • KAMALAYA Koh Samui ; Suratthani, THAILAND
  • “The Beauty of Simple Things” La Luna Gallery, Chiang Mai, THAILAND

2008 – 2009 : “UNESCO EXHIBITIONUNESCO” Bangkok Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau  for  Education  request the pleasure of your company at the Opening Ceremony of UNESCO Bangkok first art exhibition featuring PEACE OF MINE“ Paintings and sculptures by Morrakot Naksin

2020 : “The Way We Were” at La Luna Gallery, Chiang Mai, THAILAND

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