The Way Of Life No.1 | Parinyasak Chaiyanat

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“I’m choosing to create works related to Visual Arts is because I want to present something around me that can easily be seen in everyday life. And feels the emotions that conveyed through a medium to allow the audience to access the mood and body of the work as easily as possible. Including myself, I have a passion for works in still life form. Therefore, part of the inspiration came from still life images as well”

Technique : Oil on Canvas

Style : Fine Art

Year created : 2021

Size : 120 W x 100 H x 4 D cm

Frame : Not framed

‘Parinyasak Chaiyanat’  believe that there are several things you can do with travel. One of those things is to travel to a location that can improve your life, another is to travel to make your dreams come true, or travel just because you feel like it. Traveling for any of these reasons can be exciting and can lead to new opportunities. One reason that he enjoy traveling is that it helps him find the inspiration through those simple things around. He recently graduated in Fine and Applied Arts (Visual Arts) from Srinakharinwirot University, his previous work from art thesis exhibition inspired him to create this art work called ‘The way of life’ series as a reflection of the train journey of the Isan people.

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Get to know the Artist ‘Parinyasak Chaiyanat’

‘Parinyasak Chaiyanat’ is the new young powerful generation artist , his passion with painting growth inside him since he was a kid. Its’s leads him to Srinakharinwirot University, majoring Fine and Applied Arts (Visual Arts). His life style of travelling, meeting new people on the train watching them at the train station and taking photos things around. All of those adventure experiences, now he wanted to capturing them in deferent place and experience and expressing them through canvas. his last art work were very inspiring and it’s kept him on going to express his journey on the canvas.

“Some people travel for better life some for their dreams, each of them have deferent destination. That’s why is inspired me”

The Way Of Life No. 1

The origin of the work is that the immigration journeys of the Isan people have come in many eras, but things are never different and has always remained unique. It is concern through things that are based on the simplicity of life, such as concern through sacks of rice, through the Isan dialect saying, “Take it and eat it, so you don’t have to  buy them to eat.” That was a short sentence but hidden with a lot of concern Including traveling with a cost of life that is different from others the beginning of the struggle in the capital. Therefore, it is conveyed as a realistic painting to reflect the reality of Isan people.

This work is inspired from his previous art works that shown in the art thesis project, because it was shown at the Bangkok Art Gallery and received impressive results.



The Artist Impression

In this series of his work were inspired by the culture of  northeastern Thailand also called Isan. The northeast Thailand is rich with an abundance of edible and useful plants and animals. The various flora and fauna provide a vast array of food, building material, crafts, medicine, and other necessities, which are used by the local people as they have done for centuries.

His impression through his art works is to shown how simple life is and some time to appreciate some thing you don’t need to look far away it might just right there in front of you or surrounding you.


2022 – Trilogy art thesis exhibition (BANGKOK ART AND CUlTURE CENTER : BACC)








Additional information

Dimensions 100 × 120 × 4 cm


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