The Magician | Pang Torsuwan

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The Magician, a modern painting from Tongjit Torsuwan. This artwork reflects women’s minds and emotions. The artwork comes with a teak wood frame and is ready to hang.

Technique : Oil on canvas
Style : Modern
Year created : 2018-2021
Size : 50 W x 50 H x 5 D cm
Frame : Framed (can also sell without frame)

Tongjit (Pang) Torsuwan, is a self-taught and talented artist from Bangkok, Thailand. She was an owner of bags & accessories brand. Pang Torsuwan works with heart to create her art pieces which are mainly influenced by women’s stories, femininity and fashion.


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Get to know Tongjit Torsuwan

Tongjit Torsuwan, aka Pang Torsuwan, is a self-taught and ultra-talented artist based in Bangkok, Thailand. Before Pang made her way in the art industry, she graduated with a Political Science degree but with a love of painting, she developed herself to become an artist who now has a great amount of fans. She is a sure person who is working from the heart.

After six years of working in advertising and marketing, she left in 2012 to pursue her interest in art by launching the ‘Pang Torsuwan’ brand of printed bags and scarves. She designed all of the prints for her personal line. As of 2017, her focus has shifted from the fashion business to fine art. Currently, Pang continues to create personal work and also work as a freelance illustrator and print designer.

Pang’s art is influenced by femininity and fashion inspired by women’s stories. Her love of arts inspired her to work on her pieces. Her inspiration mostly comes from surrealism, collage, and abstract.

Surrealism is her style!

Pang Torsuwan is a lover of surrealist art. Surrealism is a style in art and literature in which ideas, images, and objects are combined in a strange way, like in a dream. It aims to revolutionise the human experience. It balances a rational vision of life with one that acknowledges the power of the unconscious and dreams. The movement’s artists find magic and strange beauty in the unexpected and the uncanny, the disregarded and the unconventional. This is how Pang Torsuwan expresses her feeling which are full of emotions and dreams, and transfers it on her canvas!

Pang’s works on an Australian boutique publisher

Drawn (vol.3) is a book that presents a collection of illustrator works from many countries by Capsules, a publisher from Melbourne, Australia in 2019. This book features artwork from emerging and established talent from around the world and offers a unique insight into the creative process and lives of illustrators shaping today’s visual culture.


2017 : Bronze Medal Winner, “Best Design : Label / Surface graphic” for Bussaba craft beer, Awarded by Australian International Beer Award


2019 : Solo exhibition “Girl in a Room”, AfterAll café & Gallery, Bangkok

2019 : Group exhibition at Hotel Art Fair 2019, W Hotel, Bangkok,
2019 : Group exhibition “HER”, Baramee of Art museum, Chachoengsao
2019 : Duo exhibition “DELICACY”, Lhong 1919 gallery, Bangkok

2020 : Group exhibition “HER LOVE by HERspective”, YELO House gallery, Bangkok

2020 : Group exhibition “Love at First Sight”, Lhong 1919 gallery, Bangkok
2020 : Group exhibition “Flower Talk”, Pagoda the art club, River City, Bangkok

2020 : Group exhibition “Behind the Mask”, Pagoda the art club, River City, Bangkok
2020 : Group exhibition “The Signature 3”, Pagoda the art club, River City, Bangkok
2021 : Group exhibition “While you were sleeping”, Palette Art Space, Bangkok

2021 : Group exhibition at Mango Art Festival 2021, Lhong 1919, Bangkok
2021: Group exhibition “Unspeakable Secrets”, River City, Bangkok

2021 : Online exhibition “Frida : Viva La Vida”, Pagoda the art club, River City, Bangkok
2022: Group exhibition “ROAR”, Pagoda the art club, River City, Bangkok

2022: Group exhibition at Mango Art Festival 2022, River City, Bangkok

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