The Head of a King or a Buddha | Niti Chaicharoen

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King or a Buddha

The blended sculpture of holy Buddha and ordinary human which create stunningly mysterious yet sacramental sentiments.

Technique : Cast Brass

Style : Round Relief

Year created : 2021

Size : 19 W x 16 H x 12 D cm

Frame : Not framed

Niti Chaicharoen

Also known as Matthew, a recent graduate from Thai Art Department, Silpakorn University. With his strong passion in Thai modern art, this young Thai artist believes that Buddhism Art can be expressed in its modernest way.

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About the artwork

Niti Chaicharoen tries to present the overview of Buddhism in Thailand. Majorly influenced by his past works, Niti focuses on Buddhism Art and hides implications. He came up with the curiosity of Thais holding onto the real core of Buddhism or just long-lasting tradition and materialism. Therefore, resulting in the sculpture, people can start interpret from its title to its shape, whether to look at it as a Buddha head or the King head.

Get to know the artist

Niti Chaicharoen is a 1998-born Thai artist who loves to convey thoughts, emotions, and feelings through all kinds of artistic processes. Born with a love of drawing since childhood, he decided to grow up in the pathway of Thai art. Many artists he has met during the university life have major influences on his belief that he can both enjoy and make a living through art.


– Sarasas Witaed Rangsit School, Pathum Thani

– Department of Thai Art, Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University, Nakhon Pathom


– ERIA Exhibition, Ratchademnoen Contemporary Art Center (RCAC BKK)

– The Art of Next Gen, an art exhibition with works of Silpakorn University students, Asiatique The Riverfront

– The 37th Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Young Artists


– Participating Award, The 37th Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Young Artists


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