The fanciful spirit

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   “The Fanciful Spirit” is a captivating digital painting that symbolizes the transformative power of perseverance. Bursting with vibrant colors and ethereal brushstrokes, it conveys the notion that dreams come true through consistent efforts, not luck. It inspires viewers to embrace determination and dedicated steps towards achieving their aspirations.

Name : The Fanciful Spirit

Artist  : Peachful

Technique : Digital Painting on canvas

Dimensions : 29.7 W x 42 H x 2.54 D cm

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   The inspiration behind creating artwork comes from numerous fairy tales and stories that many people have heard during their childhood. These tales have been interpreted and reexamined as we grow older. As time passes, each of us develops our own “fairy tales” or stories through personal experiences, conveying feelings, thoughts, and emotions that differ from one another at that particular moment. This is the essence of the artwork that appears serene and comforting, under the name Peachful. However, it also subtly incorporates thought-provoking questions that encourage viewers to reflect on various contexts through the interpretation of the artistic creations.

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   “The Fanciful Spirit” is a mesmerizing digital painting that encapsulates the essence of realizing dreams through perseverance. In this artwork, vibrant colors dance across the canvas, harmoniously blending with ethereal strokes of light and shadow. At the center, a figure emerges, embodying the determination and resilience required to transform dreams into reality. The artist skillfully captures the message that miracles are not products of mere luck, but rather the culmination of continuous, dedicated efforts. Each brushstroke represents a small but significant step towards achieving one’s aspirations, reminding viewers that the pursuit of dreams requires consistency and unwavering commitment.


About The Artist

   Patchanapohn Wimonarawong, also known as Peaceful, is an artist whose works are inspired by fairy tales from her childhood. She takes various stories from her childhood and narrates them through her artwork. She believes that everyone’s emotions and memories are unique, and thus she aims to communicate through her drawings in a way that evokes a sense of relaxation and peace in the viewers. This is why she uses the name Peachful, derived from “Peaceful,” to create an atmosphere of comfort as if the viewers are immersed in her own fairy tale and can enjoy it while also being prompted with questions to explore.

What captivated Peach to become an artist was the realization of how art holds value and can greatly heal people’s hearts. She has had a natural talent for art and design since she was a child, which led her to make the decision to study Interior Design at Chulalongkorn University. Her artwork combines traditional painting techniques with digital tools and continuously shows her growing skills and willingness to learn.

One of Peach’s proudest achievements to date is her participation in the “To the moon and (never) back” Group Exhibition. This experience allowed her to showcase her work alongside renowned artists and provided her with valuable insights and learning opportunities.


– 2023 : “To the moon and (never) back” Group exhibition, River City Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

– 2023 : “MAMU MA DO ART” Exhibition, Union co-art space, Union Mall, Bangkok, Thailand

– 2022 : “Tell your Tale” Exhibition, Bangkok Illustration Fair 2022, Bacc, Bangkok, Thailand


  • Reviewer Reward Bangkok Illustration Fair 2023 from River City Bangkok and Umbel Art Experiences.




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