Neon Flower | Theerapong Kamolpus

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This painting depicts the artist first visit to this location. The first thing Kamolpus noticed was the scent of a flower that appeared to be plucked from a fairy tale. The atmosphere was very different from everyday life in the crowded capital city. The smell of smoke from various sources, garbage, and rotten water. For him, this was like another world.

Technique Oil on canvas

Style : Impressionism

Year created : 2019

Size : 155 W x 110 H x 4 D cm

Frame : Not framed

Theerapong Kamolpus is a Thai impressionist artist. Creating artworks with the idea that “human is a puppet of time”. From living a busy life in a capital city of Thailand, Kamolpus always captures beautiful moments whenever he encounters while others might overlook it.

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About The Artwork

This artworks was gotten the inspiration from “Pak khlong Talat market” during he was taking time at there.

Pak Khlong Talat is a flower, fruit, and vegetable market in Bangkok’s Wang Burapha Phirom Subdistrict, Phra Nakhon District. It is Bangkok’s biggest flower market and has been described as a “place of symbolic value” to Bangkok residents. The smell of flowers that seemed to come straight out of a fairy tale will greet you the first time you visit this place. The atmosphere was very different from everyday life in the crowded capital city at the time. The smell of smoke from various sources, the smell of garbage, the smell of rotten water, this is our other world away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Get to know the artist

Theerapong Kamolpus is an impressionist artist from Bangkok, Thailand. He pursued and holds both bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts from Silpakorn University, a well-known university for art in Thailand.

Idea behind artwork

Kamolpus started creating paintings with the idea that Human is the puppet of time”. His arts are inspired by living in the urgent capital of Thailand where it is always busy and chaos. Along with everything around him, including women, light, time, atmosphere, natural. More than that, his works are also inspired by the work of John Singer Sargent who has a great influence on him, both the brushstrokes, the atmosphere in the event, and composition.

Kamolpus’s artwork presents the moments of ambiance, rhythms, color and time. The artist’s living in the urban society made him see the chaos, hurry in the life of people in the city. And the environment that is not pleasant for aesthetics. Thus, causing the need to create an environment of ambiance color that is different from the original. But also based on the reality of that area by adding or reducing and criticizing through painting.

Every moment  is aesthetic

Unconsciously under haste conditions or chaos in life, Kamolpus sees the beauty of urban society at present moment, even when how busy or hustling it is. He still has his subjective beauty through the painting that consists of female shapes that symbolize the beauty as well as the atmosphere of the city society, lights, and colors.

Kamolpus finds beauty in daily life which many people may have overlooked the aesthetics at those moments; nevertheless, he has brought different environmental elements of one single period of time such as light, hues, and female’s figure which he recognizes its aesthetics. Therefore, the topic is always changing depending on the state of emotions and the experiences of Kamolpus’s.

Presenting to the audiences the beauty in everyday life through female gender which is a symbol of beauty and liveliness from a period of time according to his perception through the painting. The form of the painting artwork is similar to impressionism artwork which he is greatly fascinated in expressions. Kamolpus has passed on the story of light and colors through the brushes and the shape of painting.


– M.F.A. (painting) Master of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University 2021

– B.F.A. (painting) Bachelor of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University 2019



2022 “ชีวิตไพร (WildLife)” At Huai Kha Khaeng Uthai Thani, Thailand

2022 “Mango Art festival” At RoomID3 River city Bangkok, Thailand

2022 “The Beginning” At Piccolo Vicolo Art space ,Bangkok Thailand

2021 “Som…Yhing (สม…หญิง)” At Sathorn11 Art Space,Gallery Bangkok, Thailand

2020 “Sense of perspective” At Kalwit Studio and Gallery Bangkok, Thailand

2020 “Egg E Eight 8” At PSG Art Gallery Nakhonpatom, Thailand

2020 “Behind the mask 2” At Rivercity Bangkok, Thailand

2020 “Now Normal” At Palette Artspace ThongLor Bangkok, Thailand

2020 “Galleries’Night Bangkok” At LHONG1919 and Sathorn11 Artspace Bangkok, Thailand


2019 “AR-ART PIONEERS” At Losilp ArtTech Gallery Bangkok, Thailand

2016 “Sea Side Shade 2” At the Art Space at Venice Shopping Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand.

2016 “Top 100 Pictures of Our King Bhumibol” At Central World Bangkok, Thailand.

2014 “10 Steps fundamental arts ” At PSG Art Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand.



2019 – Participated in “Department of Marine and Coastal Resources”, People Level and was awarded “Consolation prize”

2019 – Participated in “Old Master Picture Contest” 2019 Marie Antoinette, People Level and was awarded “Consolation prize”

2018 – Participated in “เพลินศิลป์ถิ่นนาวี” 2018, People Level and was awarded “Consolation prize”


2018 – Was awarded 2nd prize in Canson Painting Contest 2018 by HHK Intertrade


2018 – Selected as a presenter artist Acrylic Colour Renaissance 2018

2017 – Was awarded a consolation prize in “Innovation Thailand Painting Contest” 2017

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