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Nava Anda paints a picture of the Andaman sea and the smooth, yet distinct movements of the waves. With dark and light shades, creates depth and dimension of the sea – envisioning a near-realistic trip to the middle of the ocean. The artwork transports us to a place of serenity; no traffic lights or city rush, it represents a sweet escape to a place that lightens our heavy feelings. Whatever that feeling may be, viewing this art piece long enough feels like it can be the cure to your wounds.

Technique : Acrylic on canvas
Style : Nature Abstract
Year created : 2022
Size : 120 W x 90 H x 5 D cm
Frame : Yes

Phuvaris or Phuu, also known as phuustudio is a new generation artist producing art with the main emphasis on mood and emotion. With a background in architecture, phuustudio channels the study of structure and body to his own pieces of work. The artist works with a technique unlike no other — one in which cannot be told to us, but his art form creates a range of scenarios: from the dream-like beach to the deep, dark depths of the forest. He communicates not only a place, but an emotion. 

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Andaman Sea

This artwork is part of the artist’ Andaman collection, where he paints his recollection of the sea without having to visit or feel the atmosphere, he paints from pure memory. To confirm his visuals, he asks his friend who was travelling there to snap a photo of the ocean from the perspective of a drone, this allowed him to carefully polish the details and create a work that not only feels realistic, but evokes a strong sense of emotion.

The Andaman Sea is tourist favorite and lies just on the southwest side of Thailand. The oceans are said to be clear – attracting scuba divers all around the world to come and discover its fascinating marine life. This is one of the most popular tropical holiday spots, which supports to’s idea of bringing his viewers to another setting and having them feel the atmosphere. The clear characteristics of the tropical weather at Andaman enhances these influences – perhaps showing the intention behind the choice of location.


“As an artist, when people look at my art, I aim to look for two responses: One. That my artwork is stress relieving. Two. Any form of constructive criticism. I feel that the only way to improve is to listen,” phuustudio states. The inspiration behind his collections are said to be derived purely from emotion. Specifically, the Oceanic Tense collection, a series of the sea in its different forms, was created through the desire to go to the beach. “I found that painting this healed me emotionally and was a quick escape from reality for me,” He recalls.

The idea comes to him through waves of emotion and he works from finish to start. Having a full picture in his mind, he paints until he reaches the visual in his head. “There were definitely some changes along the way, but I don’t really stray away from my ideas completely; I just add a few tweaks that I think would fit better or look more suitable,” He describes his work process. The high level of imagination this artist possesses will capture your attention to the beautiful sceneries he has stocked in his mind.


2021 Vinyl Art Exhibition at Red Coat Bangkok

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Dimensions 90 × 120 × 5 cm