Nature is not saddened | Chisanuphol Presanvorakitkool

This artwork draws the artists passion in nature and all things related to the environment. Due to his concept of life and how the functions can be compared to something as effortless as nature, he explains his understanding of life and its process through the motions of nature in his painting. With the complexities of the growth and the distinctive consequences that it can create, he aims for viewers to view their intentions and pathway in the same aspect.

Technique : Resin engraving

Style : Fine Art

Year created : 2021

Size : 91 W x 185 H x 0.1 D cm

Frame : Not framed

Chisanuphol Presamvorakitkool or shortly nicknamed ‘Kao’ is an artist who paints from an environmentalist perspective. His work revolves around the beauty of nature, raising appreciation for the wonders of nature and its overall benefit towards the planet. With deep insight into Buddhist studies, he applies this contextually to the conceptualization of his work and delivers this message thoroughly through his woodcut prints.

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Get to know the Artist

Presamvorakitkool openly expresses his admiration of nature and his firm intention that his works would revolve around the vast subject matter. He aims to spread awareness on nature conservation and the consequences of ignorance regarding this topic. “If we push the problem away, it’ll only get bigger. I want people to see what could happen when we lose it eventually to our own greed. I want people to see why we should conserve it,” He explains his concept. 

The woodcut printworks of the artist accentuates every intricate detail of nature and its amazing, yet complicated features. From the small strands that hang from the leaves to the texture of the treebark – Presamvorakitkool highlights every corner with dignity to enhance the natural atmosphere and grab the attention of the viewers. Seeing this enables us to appreciate the wildness of the environment and how these distinct patterns can be effortlessly produced by the inevitable movement of the world. 

“With my personal problems at the time, I turned and opened my heart to religion, specifically Buddhism when I was at my lowest,” The artist recalls. Relating this topic to Buddhism creates a correlation between ideas and moral values. In buddhist religion, letting go and remaining calm is taught as one of the essential aspects to living a peaceful life. This is taught and practiced among many Buddhist followers, but according to the artist, it became more of a life practice more than religious input. “With these ideas in mind, I drew the connections between Buddhism and the environment; communicating how a simple life could lead to less disturbance to nature,” He describes. “Struggling with depression, I’ve always ignored anything non-science supported and refused to learn about religion. However, as I was left with no other option, there was no reason for me to not try and I’m glad I did,” The artist openly admits. 



– Fine art contest TOSHIBA 24” 2012 Special Award


– Fine Arts Contest TOSHIBA 24” 2013 Special Award

– Fine art contest National Anti-Corruption Commission 2013 3rd prize


– Fine art contest National Counter Corruption Commission 2nd prize


– Participate in the project Young artist talent 4.0 # 9 development

– Young Artist Potential Development Project in the United States.

– Show Exhibition at the Los Angeles Consulate.

– Exhibition young artists 9 in the year 2018

– 13th National Youth Art and Culture Exhibition 2018

– The 10th ink stained exhibition


– Join the 4th Krungthai Art Exhibition

– AP-SEE something thesis Exhibition

– Join 20 th international print biennial varna 2019

– Young thai artist award 2019 distinguished Prize


– “nature is not saddened” solo Art exhibition at Kalwit Gallery Bangkok.

– “nature is not saddened” solo Art exhibition at G13 Malaysia.

– “special Jury Prize” international biennial print exhibition 2020 LO.C. Taiwan.

– Ulsan International Woodcut festival 2020 Korea.

– The 3rd ASEAN Graphic Arts Competition and Exhibition Viet Nam 2020.

– Shut Exhibition at Baramee of Art.

– Printmaking studio 2020 (Thailand Printmaking) at PPP studio.

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