Modern Avatars | Alongkorn Yonsamail

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“The inspiration came from my curiosity of why India was the birthplace of civilisation. Many of the great arts and regions were studied by searching through books and consult with teachers, outsource information from internet the more I dig to it the more I became very interested when I got to know the epic Mahabharata. Because both the story that inspired many in philosophy, the riddle of the Dharma, and the greatness of the story. It is therefore a source of my interest” – Alongkorn Yonsamail

Technique : Acrylic and Oil colour

Style : Fine Art

Year created : 2022

Size : 180 W x 100 H x 4.5 D cm

Frame : Not framed

Alongkorn Yonsamail is the new generation artist, his art work inspired from contemporary Thai art that represent Thai culture and modern world. From a boy who love comics book and animated cartoons he has success in his academic from Silpakorn University, one of the top art university in Thailand.

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Little hint about Avatars

An avatar is a representation of god in hinduism. For example Vishnu a god that can change form to human or animals. Sometime they change their form to deferent purpose, to help people or test them or give them tasks to proved their goodness mostly to the king.


Avatars of Vishnu

Vishnu is well known in Hinduism as an incarnations. Most of the the time he appeared through avatars for the important reasons, to protect people or guiding them to right path.

In Hindus, Vishnu have ten avatars. He have been appeared deferent avatars for nine times already, the last avatar still a mystery. Kalki was his last avatar to appeared, which is he riding a white horse to terminate evil all over around the world.


Get to know the artist ‘Alongkorn Yonsamail’

His journey began when he is just a boy who love comic books and animated cartoons. From that day he has developed deep passion for drawing and painting, it’s open his sight of the variety and dimensions of art. His deep passion leads him to pursued his academic in one of the top University of fine arts in Thailand at Silpakorn University faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts.

“There are many forms of what you want to present, arts is something that has always stimulated my creativity”

– Alongkorn Yonsamail

Modern Avatars

It is the creation of a painting that presents a story about a supernatural phenomenon that speaks of religious beliefs.  and the belief that by the presence of God to guide humans back to their source speaks of the supreme state when the soul is freed from all bodies and minds.  Join the body with the supreme spirit of the universe.  which shows that the Lord is everywhere, at all times, in all ages.

The art here is the contemporary Thai art, that have the combination of traditional Thai design and innovation in education,  transportation and International commerce.  The painting will always change and adjust according to the current social environment, new trends, and new perspective of emerging generations.



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