Lonely Planet

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“Light” is the origin of the images that the eyes see, but the parts not touched by light will encounter darkness. When there is light and there are shadows, dimensions are created. “Light and shadow” are inseparable, even though they always exist in opposite directions. The intensity of the shadow depends on the intensity of the light. In areas where there is less light, the shadow will not be distinct.

“If you are the light, then I must be the shadow. Even though we were born together, why do I feel… lonely?”

Name : Lonely Planet

Year created : 2019

Artist  : KITTO

Technique : Watercolor on Paper

Dimensions : 37.5 W x 19 H x 3 D cm

Fram : Framed

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The watercolor painting depicts a profound concept of light and shadow being inseparable from birth, yet ultimately diverging paths. The central focus of the artwork is a woman standing on Earth, surrounded by a serene natural setting. Despite the beauty of her surroundings, her expression conveys a sense of longing and melancholy.

The woman gazes at a couple situated in front of her, radiating happiness and togetherness. Their joyous presence contrasts with her own solitude, intensifying her feelings of loneliness. The artist skillfully captures the stark contrast between the woman’s wistful demeanor and the apparent bliss of the couple, emphasizing the theme of separation.

The watercolor technique employed lends a soft and ethereal quality to the painting. Gentle washes of color create a harmonious atmosphere, depicting the serene Earth and the woman’s emotional state. The colors used may include muted tones of greens, blues, and earthy hues, evoking a sense of tranquility and introspection.

The composition of the painting emphasizes the woman’s isolation, positioning her slightly apart from the couple. This visual representation underscores the stark contrast between their shared happiness and her individual longing. The artist’s attention to detail captures the subtleties of human emotions, evoking empathy and reflection in the viewer.

Through the juxtaposition of the woman’s loneliness with the couple’s happiness, the painting invites contemplation on the complex interplay between light, shadow, and human emotions. It serves as a poignant reminder that while light and shadow are intertwined in the fabric of existence, they can also give rise to contrasting experiences and a sense of isolation.

More about the Artist

   Nattapong Kampungaun, also known as KITTO, graduated from Fine Art, at Chiang Mai University. After completing his studies, he worked in the field of illustration for two years before deciding to pursue a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. His intention after graduation was to become a university professor. However, KITTO was diagnosed with cancer before finishing his studies. He had to confront fear, death, and his own desires. The experiences he went through taught him that there is no certainty in this world. This realization led him to make the decision to do what he wanted to do the most before running out of time, which was creating art and being accepted in society.

Throughout this journey, KITTO remained determined to create his artwork. Even though cancer resurfaced, he continued to create as long as he had the strength and opportunity. His artworks often reflect his identity, and the beauty of sadness, and serve as a medium for his emotions. When people view KITTO’s artworks, it’s not just about appreciating his skills and various details in the pieces. The emotions portrayed in the artworks are like a pause, a moment of stillness where one can silently observe nature. It’s not about feeling happy, but rather a subtle and unspoken feeling, as if being in one’s own space. We can feel sadness and shed tears. KITTO’s artworks convey a beautiful sadness and his intention is to “create a special moment, a visual work that speaks to the eyes and communicates with the heart, hoping that someone will understand the beauty and the meaning I want to convey,” as KITTO said. He believes that art can communicate back and help heal his own soul.

The beginning of his drawing journey was similar to an ordinary childhood life. KITTO had a fondness for Japanese cartoons. However, he started studying and experimenting continuously, adapting his style based on his experiences. This process led to a distinctive technique that made his artworks unique. KITTO pays attention to every detail, controlling the distribution of colors on the paper and the stitching of each line with precision. This requires viewers to stand closer to observe every detail he intended to create.




-2007 Thesis Exhibition “Bachelor of Fine Arts” at CMU Art Center, Chiang Mai

-2009 Group Exhibition “สิบก้าว 19” at CMU Art Center, Chiang Mai

-2012 Group Exhibition “Flashback” at Baan Tuek Art Center, Chiang Mai

-2013 Group Exhibition “Sam-Sian” at Baan Tuek Art Center, Chiang Mai

-2013 Group Exhibition “NA-NA The Various” at CMU Art Center, Chiang Mai

-2014 The Sis Exhibition “Master of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) “Landscape of Solitude” at CMU Art Center, Chiang Mai

-2017 Group Exhibition International Children’s Picture Book Festival 2017 at TK Park Central World, Bangkok

-2019 Solo Exhibition “Light and Loneliness” at 10ml. café gallery, Bangkok

-2023 Group Exhibition Mango art festival 2023 “Rise” at River City, Bangkok



– 2022 PIGMA I AM ORIGINAL Award Winner, 4th Edition, in the General Personal Illustration category.



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