INTHAI STUDIO – Silk Satin scarf – Cham Tra Kai On White

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Cham Tra Kai is a Thai traditional pattern that is commonly found at local restaurants. It is widely known for its mass production at Lampang, Chiang Rai province and is the inspiration behind the beautiful headscarf by InThai Studio. The dark red pays homage to its traitional patterns and well decorates the area of the scarf, making it a decorative and nostalgic piece to have.

Color : Cham Tra Kai On White (White and Red)

Size : Scarf is 90*90 cm

Material : Silk Satin

After winning the prestigious Design Excellence Award (DEa), InThai Studio became an established brand amongst the Thai audience. Crafting a variety of accessories, from headscarves to their latest collection dinnerware titled Kram – InThai studio presents these modern products with a distinctive Thai twist, making their products accessible to women of all age groups.

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Get to know the art

Cham Tra Kai or ชามตราไก่ in Thai is a type of pottery commonly seen in local Thai restaurants across the country. The pottery is illustrated with an iconic visual of an individual chicken, mostly presented in two distinct colors: red and black (as referenced to in this product). Historically, the product is derived from the Chinese imported products back when the country was filled with Chinese traders who came to exchange commodities with Thai business entrepreneurs. The patterns of these ceramicware range from a group of chickens, to sometimes one and even an additional flower decoratively drawn at times, depending on the production company. Tourists who have frequently visited the country would be familiar with the pattern as it is an iconic symbol in the food culture in Thailand.

Get to know the brand

In Thai Studio is a brand that replicates Thai culture into a more fashionable product, thus resonating heavily towards a younger audience – producing products which are modern and are of high appeal amongst the newer generation. The creative art company was established in 2018 by Ariya Boonchuay, who wanted to accentuate Thai culture and bring out its most distinct features. The founder took examples from blue china pottery and rooster bowls, which are the staple dinnerwares in. Thai traditional culture and observed the techniques that were formed by pure, local knowledge. This allowed her to discover and produce In Thai Studio products – which are a sleek fusion between modernity and Thai traditional culture.

Ariya Boonchuay or shortly named ‘Mind’, the brands founder started off with researching more information and diving into the techniques of creating handicrafts – this led her to see through the details of each pattern, eyeing out the patterns to make a timeless and classic piece that will sit in her customer’s everyday life without disappointment in its beauty. Apart from the details of the intricate lines that outline the patterns of small accessories, it also showcases the artist’s first hand experience in learning the skill of making the handicraft surrounded by a handful of local professionals who made a variety of their own original handicraft. Boonchuay then went off to make her own craft and art pieces based on the knowledge she received from the well-connected experience – her products would include a range of accessories: from beautiful scarves to small earrings and rings that’ll absolutely elevate your surroundings .

Their most recent collection Kram, comprising a variety of blue china pottery and dinnerware won them the Design Excellence Award or also known as the DEa – a pretigious interior design award established during 2003 in Singapore. This accelerated their career into another level and delivered their concept to a wider audience. This not also opens the market to their brand, but to the heavy element of Thai culture assimilated within their immaculate products.


2022 Grand prize for project to enhance potential entrepreneurs and heirs of cultural products to develop Thai products for sustainability, hosted by Ministry of Culture

2022 2nd Runner up for Thai Fabric Costume Design Contest by Department of Women’s Affair and Family Development

2019 1st Runner-up for Product with Oustanding Design for Thai Fashion and Lifestyle Developmet Project by the Department of Industrial Promotion

2018 Creative & Innovative Fashion, Design Excellence Award by Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP)


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