I really want to stay at your house | Infinite Riot

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Thempracha outlines what he calls ‘The City of Social Classes’. In this concept, the artist suggests that the biggest  investors in society are the ones who steal inventories and stocks from people within the same community. Those investors are only to obtain the most valuable assets, which then leads to the big gap between the filthy rich and the poor commoners. Everyone dreams of going to the moon. Everyone dreams of a perfect life. Everyone has a dream, but not everyone gets to achieve them. The lower class individuals are tricked into being content with a simple, sufficient life; living a delusion, thinking that happiness is not about money, living in a small house – are you genuinely happy?

Technique : Markers on canvas

Style : Fine Art

Year created : 2022

Size : 80 W x 60 H x 2 D cm

Frame : Not framed

Harid Thampracha or Infinite Riot is an artist who originally studied architecture for both his bachelor and master’s degree. Mostly outlining the atmospheres of buildings and landscapes all around, his work radiates a peace of mind. WIth a mixture of his own imagination and unique images, he takes inspiration from old buildings and brings this concept to his viewers with the aim of creating a calm and concentrated mood through his art.

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Get to know the artist

In the past, Thampracha had always enjoyed drawing, mostly focused on his surroundings and its atmosphere. Throughout his observations and studies in architecture – Thai, Chinese and Japanese style of structure felt the most inspiring to him. This was due to its calm composition and cultural uniqueness that feels like an escape from reality. The artist paints and works through his progress with a calm mind. “When the mind is calm, I think of my actions towards others. With a good conscience, people around you will understand you a lot more,” Thampracha explains. 

The turning point for Thampracha is his journey to developing a healthier mindset. He feels as if working individually grants him more creative strength therefore peace is a required element during his work process. “I’ve reflected on many things upon my understanding with myself; this made me more understanding towards different situations that had happened. With the calm energy I gained, I realize that it works well with my career and daily activities,” The artist explains. Maintaining his peace and personal space brings the artist into his own space; where disruption is not welcomed and will not be caused.

His proudest work goes to the mural that he painted for a restaurant at Charoen Nakhon 29/2 alley because of his experience while creating the mural. He had the opportunity to socialize with the locals and learn their thoughts – this allowed him to better express these concepts onto the artwork, thus resulting in a mural that became a piece of admiration from everyone around the area. “At the time, I was quite pleased with the reaction I was getting from the work, which definitely encouraged me to keep developing my skills even further. It was a piece of work that fulfilled my heart,” Thampracha beams. 


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