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Immersed in a symphony of tranquility, the digital masterpiece unveils a haven of boundless inspiration. Amidst the home studio’s embrace, enchanted by ethereal light cascading through colossal windows, the artist’s soul dances with creativity. Lush gardens whisper secrets, nurturing the canvas where dreams and realities intertwine, birthing timeless masterpieces.

Name : Home

Year created : 2022

Artist  : Khemtit Vijitvichitkul

Technique : Limited Edition Digital Painting on canvas

Dimensions : 50 W x 70 H x 3 D cm

Frame : Not framed



   “Home” is a captivating digital painting that draws the viewer into a serene and inviting scene. The artwork focuses on a portion of a sunlit room, where subtle traces of dust particles float effortlessly in the air. The warm glow of sunlight gracefully permeates through the windows, casting a soft, golden hue upon the room. Outside the window, a majestic tree stands tall, adorned with a vibrant array of colors, yet exuding a tranquil aura. The interplay of warm tones and delicate details imbues the painting with a sense of peace and serenity, evoking a feeling of comfort and solace within the viewer.


More about the Artist


    Khemtit Vijitvichitkul was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. They pursued their education at Chulalongkorn University, specifically in the Faculty of Architecture. Despite not working directly in their field of study, Khemtit has been passionate about creating artwork since childhood.

Each piece of Khemtit’s artwork evokes a warm feeling that resonates with viewers. Even though the characters in the paintings may be unfamiliar, they somehow bring a sense of relaxation and tranquility. It feels as if one is transported to that moment captured in the image. Khemtit’s interest in Japanese art and their study of it from a young age is often reflected in their works, frequently referencing Japan and its culture.

Most of Khemtit’s artwork combines nature and structures, encapsulated within a single frame. The simplicity and prominence of light and shadow in their compositions make their art accessible to everyone. The artist not only tells stories about their surroundings but also allows the viewers to imagine the time, atmosphere, and warmth of the depicted places, thereby creating a sense of connection.

Khemtit draws inspiration from the simple things around him, conveyed through digital brush and the visual elements of light and shadow. Their art not only portrays the events happening around him but also leads viewers to envision the passage of time and the ambiance of the depicted places. It is a testament to their creativity and ability to bring forth their imagination through their creations.



– BKKIF2022

– Mango Art Festival 2023: Independent Artist Zone – Partition


   Digital painting refers to the creation of artwork using digital tools such as a computer, graphics tablet, and specialized software. It is a form of art where traditional painting techniques are simulated digitally. Instead of using physical brushes, paints, and canvases, digital artists use digital brushes, color palettes, and virtual canvases on a computer or tablet.


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