Handwoven Thai Red Praewa Silk Piece in Five Traditional Motifs

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This exquisite Praewa Silk features 5 different traditional patterns, woven by an experienced and passionate artisan who spent over 5 months in creating this piece.

This piece has a classic red color and unique patterns as the whole process was done by hand with the traditional method. You can be sure that this is an art piece!

DesignNaga, Dok Keaw, Bai Boon, Khor Kai, and Khor Fah Flower (please see more details below)
Size: 0.73 x 5 meters (width x length)
Color Tone: Red

Praewa Silk is special with the weaving pattern that looks like embroidering. The pattern on Praewa Silk is embossed and looks dimensional. You can think and feel the pattern. One piece of Praewa Silk can contain many as a dozen patterns,  making it even more complicated and requiring highly skilled and experienced weavers.


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Natural material from silkworm

Thai silk is made from local Thai silkworm. There are several steps to produce each fabric, consisting of raising silkworm, reeling in the threads, dyeing, and weaving. Unlike any other silks, the distinct character of local Thai silk is luster and sheen. As it is a natural material, Thai silk provides gentle touch to the skin and is well-ventilated.

What is Praewa silk?

“The Queen of Silk”

The uniqueness of Praewa textile is the weaving pattern that looks like embroidering. It originated from Kalasin province, in Northeastern region of Thailand, that is famous for Praewa silk as the weaving techniques is inherited from generation to generation, making it an invaluable piece of art that is inherently tied to the Kalasin people’s way of life. One piece of cloth can have dozens of patterns. Praewa is two words combined. “Prae” in Thai means a piece of woven cloth, while “Wa” is a unit of measurement approximately an arm’s length. Praewa silk is commonly used in various auspicious events because it is considered a symbol of the family’s position in society.

Praewa Silk is special. The pattern on Praewa Silk is embossed and looks dimensional. You can think and feel the pattern, unlike Mudmee silk fabric that you can only touch the pattern by looking at it.

At least 5 months of work to produce this intricate piece

The whole process to make this one piece took more than 5 months! The weavers patiently combine thread after thread to create one precious piece! Each process has to be well-prepared and dedicatedly woven into the fine piece. This piece consisted of 5 different patterns which are small and complicated. It required much of the skills of the weaver herself as well as the patient because this took months to weave to make exquisite.

Meticulous techniques are required!

The combination of Jok and Koh techniques are used as a special procedure of weaving Praewa Silk.

  • Jok – method of creating a design by inserting additional weft (vertical lines on a woven cloth) threads. The weaver also uses her little finger to pick up the silk threads one by one to create a designated motif.
  • Koh – method of using weft threads in many colors by hooking into a loop to make patterns.
The combination of 5 different patterns in one piece!

A piece of Praewa silk can contain many different patterns or motifs. The more patterns, the more complicated it gets! This precious piece comprises 5 different patterns.

“Naga” motif is one of the traditional and ancient motifs woven in Thai fabric. “Nak” or Naga is a sacred powerful big serpent based on Thai Mythology. Naga appears in the traditional cloth patterns of Thai people in almost every region of the country. Thai people, especially those who live in the Mekong river, have inherited beliefs about the serpent who lived in the underground of the Mekong river. People in that area still believe that when there is a merit-making event, the serpent or naga will come up.

This pattern was created from weaver’s imagination about Naga, adding her belief and faith in Naga into the fabric. Naga represents faith and belief, like how people believe in and respect Naga. And as people praise Naga as a sacred creature, Naga pattern indicates prosperity.

“Dok Keaw” (orange jasmine flower) motif is taken from a Thai flower that symbolizes goodness. It is an auspicious flower that is often offered and used in worshiping monks in religious ceremonies to show respect. As Dok Keaw is white, it also represents the pureness which is why people offer it to the monks. Dok Keaw pattern gives the meaning of pureness and the goodness of life.


“Bai Boon” – Thai native plant close to palm tree family, that grows only in small mountain area in Kalasin province. There are many branches coming out from its trunk. This motif symbols longevity for the owner. 




“Khor Kai” motif is inspired from the hook pattern as Khor means hook. It has the connected and endless pattern continuous like a chain. Thus, this pattern gives an immortal and endless prosperity meaning. It is auspicious for those who wear it.

These patterns are inherited from the past generations that passed down to the new generations. It reflects the creativity of the weavers from the old time. It is a thread that weaves a bond.

“Khor Fah Flower” motif is inspired by plants and flowers from the weaver’s own imagination. It does not appear in the real plants or flowers. Khor Fah is named after the weaver who woven this pattern. It is intended to be meant like making a wish.

Why not get the original red color?

Though these days you can easily find Praewa silk in different colors but originally, bright red was the only color woven. In the past, red was a base color for the Praewa silk. So, this is a perfect to-go with the classic red Praewa silk.

Size of the piece

This piece consists of the plain red sections and the patterned section. The part that has the pattern is 2 meters long. While the plain red parts are 3 meters long.

A multi purposes piece
  • Great for tailor to skirt or dress on your special occasions
  • A house decoration or curtain to add Thai style to your home
  • Fabric display on the frame like a piece of art
  • A gift to your special ones


Little tips to care for Thai Silk
  • Best is to hand wash. Do not put it in the washing machine.
  • Thai silk can be washed in lukewarm water but only with the mildest soap, then rinse the silk in vinegar to retain its original luster and allow it to drip dry in the shade.
  • Thai silk should be ironed on the inside just before it is dry or else put a damp cloth over the silk and iron.
Get to know VIP Thaisilk

VIP Thaisilk was founded by Miss Waraporn or Aiw who was born and raised in a weaving family in Surin province. She has learned and been familiar with the real Thai silk for most of her life.

Being in the field of real Thai silk for over 30 years made her understand the authenticity and dedication of each silk piece. Thus, VIP Thaisilk was established with the aim to share the love and beauty of Thai silk to people. VIP Thaisilk only selects authentic silk pieces from all over Thailand. All pieces are guaranteed to be real Thai silk with a premium grade. Each piece is one-of-a-kind!




A look of this stunning piece!

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