Handwoven – Thai Praewa Silk – Blue Colored Shawl

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Tuh Praewa Thaisilk is the master of artisan’s brand originally from the most famous and the finest home land of Phu Thai Praewa, Kalasin province. Every single piece was made by hand of an expert craftsman. Moreover, this Praewa could deliver cultural sensation as well as modern blend to its owner.

The modern twist of Phu Thai cultural craft wear

The artisan reformed the cultural Praewa to be more accessible, yet more easily fit to broader people by simpler the design and adjust the way to wear. This shawl still represent the value and aesthetic of Phu Thai silk fabric through its glistening high quality silk and exquisitely hand woven technique. So having this spectacular Praewa on hand would never ever disappoint you nor your audience.

Design: Modern simplicity

Size: 65 cm x 180 cm (width x length)

Color Tone: Vivid Blue

Praewa is a cultural heritage belongs to Phu Thai community for centuries and centuries. The name perfectly speaks it own character that “Prae” means silk and “Wa” is Thai measurement indicating to its length. The two meters long hand woven silk textile has been women clothing’s accessory for special occasion. And now let this craft wear make your clothing a special occasion one everyday.

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Praewa Silk

Praewa is a hand woven silk textile measuring around 2 meters long as the word “Prae” means silk and the word “Wa” is Thai measurement equal to 2 meters. This fabric belongs to women’s wear in special occasion for example: Buddhist Holy Day and ceremonies. Which originally would be used as a shawl laying on top of women shirt from left to right.

Hand weaving Praewa silk has practiced amongst Phu Thai household as part of their cultural custom. The techniques using ,consisting of Chok and Khid, are time consuming and require mastery. Making this smooth touch, yet glistening silk fabric is far more than special.

Natural material from silkworm

Thai silk is made from local Thai silkworm. There are several steps to produce each fabric, consisting of raising silkworm, reeling in the threads, dyeing, and weaving. Unlike any other silks, the distinct character of local Thai silk is luster and sheen. As it is a natural material, Thai silk provides gentle touch to the skin and is well-ventilated. Thai silk can last over a hundred years!

The color of silk can make it more valuable

Silk dyeing is the dyeing of silk threads in various colors for the benefit of creating colors and patterns on the fabric. There are many methods such as dipping, dyeing, coloring, etc. There are two types of dyes used: natural and synthetic colors.

  • Natural dyeing It is mostly derived from plant parts such as bark, leaves, fruits, stems, piths, and roots. There are different methods for preparing dyes and dyeing methods. It depends on the type of plant and the part used for dyeing.
  • Synthetic or chemical dyes It is a very pure color. Those colors can be mixed to get the desired color and the intensity can be adjusted. The dyeing method is simple and easy. The dyed colors are fresh and have good color durability. There are many types of synthetic dyes used for dyeing. Each type has its own dye properties. dyeing process Different dye qualities, therefore, their use must be appropriate.
Corduroy woven from vivid blue silk tread

Praewa is well known for its smooth touch and an exquisite weaving technique. However, it could be reform both the look and the clothing. Tuh Praewa Thaisilk modernize their Phu Thai traditional weaving’s know-how by distinctively raised silk tread to make corduroy. Moreover, specifically woven by two different species : local silkworm and imported silkworm. Making this shawl not only more beautiful and texture-full but also more user friendly

Tips to take care of Thai silk
  • The best is to hand wash. Do not put it in the washing machine.
  • Thai silk can be washed in lukewarm water but only with the mildest soap, then rinse the silk in vinegar to retain its original luster and allow it to drip dry in the shade.
  • Thai silk should be ironed on the inside just before it is dry or else put a damp cloth over the silk and iron.
Get to know Tuh Praewa Thaisilk

Wannipa Ponata or Mae Tuh was born and raised in Phu Thai family of Ban Phon, Kalasin province which hand weaving Praewa silk has been a local custom and part of traditional culture for centuries. Everyone knows how to produce the textile and ables to make them for daily wear. After welcoming Her Majesty Queen Sirikit The Queen Mother on visiting Phu Thai community in Phon subdistrict, Kham Muang district, Kalasin province in 1977. Receiving The Queen’s impression and further suggestion on developing the wearing choice toward her family craft textile, Wannipa Ponata or Mae Tuh had founded Tuh Praewa Thaisilk. Originally Tuh Praewa Thaisilk mainly deliver Phuthai cultural crafts wear especially to the Chitralada Royal Palace, then extended selling to broader clients.

Mae Tuh has carried traditional know-how, specific technique, and Phu Thai original esthetic both in color and pattern within each hand woven fabric for 45 years. She passed on such expertise to her daughter, Jitnapa Ponata who has further developed Praewa silk into variety items from textile wear to accessories. In which making Tuh Praewa Thaisilk could deliver cultural sensation as well as modern blend to its owner.

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