Handwoven Thai Mudmee (Ikat) Silk, with Hook (S) Pattern Bestowed by Thai Princess

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Special pattern bestowed by Thai Princess Sirivannavari on traditional handwoven Mudmee silk.

More than 3 months of work to make this intricate piece woven on Thai traditional handloom. Every single procedure was done by hand using ancient methods, giving this item a distinct color and design. You can be sure that this is an art piece!

Design: “Hook
Size: 1.02 x 4 meters (width x length)
Color Tone: Purple (Smoky Grape)

The special thing about Mudmee is its process. Each color and pattern are tied to dye. The more colors, the more processes it takes. Every seemingly simple designs demonstrates an artisanal level of detail that shows how much effort goes into the creation of this piece!

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Natural material from silkworm

Thai silk is made from local Thai silkworm. There are several steps to produce each fabric, consisting of raising silkworm, reeling in the threads, dyeing, and weaving. Unlike any other silks, the distinct character of local Thai silk is luster and sheen. As it is a natural material, Thai silk provides gentle touch to the skin and is well-ventilated. Thai silk can last over a hundred years!

What is Mudmee silk?

Mudmee silk (also known as “ikat”) is produced through the traditional method of tying in the desired pattern with straw, hay or banana ropes. The ropes stop water from affecting the silk yarns, whilst dyeing it in the process. The tied yarns move through the dyeing process, but only the untied yarns absorb the dye. The method is repeated as many times as necessary, depending on the preferred color variations. Afterwards, each silk yarn is woven to create a variety of designs, combining the colored areas to produce patterns.

Mudmee weaving is the oldest form of pattern weaving in Thailand and dates back approximately 3,000 years when sericulture (silk production) was first introduced to Thailand.

Traditionally in Thailand the nobility wore Mudmee on a daily basis, whilst others wore it during festive occasions or ceremonies. Nowadays Mudmee is worn more casually, though the complexity of the weaving makes it stand out from the majority of casual-wear.

Over three months of work for a piece

The whole process to make this one piece took over 3 months! Because every step is handcrafted and difficult, a traditional weaver can only make roughly 12 to 15 cm of cloth each day. The weavers combine thread after thread to create one precious piece!

A bestowed pattern from Thai Princess

Princess Sirivannavari’s Hook Pattern – HRH Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana Rajakanya presented a new pattern as a New Year’s gift to the weaving communities. They are permitted to utilize and adapt the hook design into their own unique weaving techniques.





The pattern sees a collection of symbols where each of them holds different meanings, such as The S that stands for Princess Sirivannavari herself; the 10 rows of S patterns of which refer to her father, who is the tenth monarch of the Chakri dynasty; and lastly, the heart pattern on the edges that represents the eternal love she has for the Thai people.

This piece can be used in various ways:
  • Great for tailor to skirt or dress on your special occasions
  • Using it as house decoration, adding Thai style to your home
  • Putting in the frame to display its beautifulness like a piece of art
  • Offer as a gift to your special ones






Jidapa Thaicraft Inspiration

151987726_116169747176745_29654398087684 Jidapa Thaicraft was founded in 2015 with the will of supporting Thai fabrics local producers and passing on the knowledge of Thai fabrics and textiles to another generation.

They have been lucky to work with a team of experienced people and passionate master weavers who have been with them for years. Every single piece is woven by hand on a traditional loom. Each piece has their own stories and identity traits with the unique handicraft.

Vision is to be “Art gallery for Thai Silk”

Jidapa Thaicraft aspires to be a site that connects local craftsmen to people while also gathering quality and devoted handcrafted works from Thai artisans from diverse locations into one spot.

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