Handwoven Thai Mudmee (Ikat) Silk, Purple color with “Kan Kaen Koon” Pattern

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Handwoven purple Mudmee silk with signature pattern from Khon Kaen, more than 3 months of work to make this intricate piece designed in “Kan Kaen Koon” pattern woven on Thai traditional handloom.

Made by one of the masters of artisan who has 60 years of experience from Khon Kaen province in Northeast of Thailand. Only weavers from Khon Kaen make this pattern. This is unique in both color and the pattern. Every process was done by hand and used a traditional method. You can be sure that this is an art piece!

Design: “Kan Kaen Koon” – a unique pattern of Khon Kaen province
Size: 1.02 x 4 meters (width x length)
Color Tone: Purple (mangosteen)

The special about Mudmee is its process. Each color and pattern are tied to dye. The more number of colors, the more processes it take. Every seemingly simple designs demonstrate an artisanal level of detail that show how much effort goes into the creation of this piece!

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Natural material from silkworm

Thai silk is made from local Thai silkworm. There are several steps to produce each fabric, consisting of raising silkworm, reeling in the threads, dyeing, and weaving. Unlike any other silks, the distinct character of local Thai silk is luster and sheen. As it is a natural material, Thai silk provides gentle touch to the skin and is well-vertilated. Thai silk can last over a hundred years!

What is Mudmee silk?

Mudmee silk (also known as “ikat”) is produced through the traditional method of tying in the desired pattern with straw, hay or banana ropes. The ropes stop water from affecting the silk yarns, whilst dyeing it in the process. The tied yarns move through the dyeing process, but only the untied yarns absorb the dye. The method is repeated as many times as necessary, depending on the preferred color variations. Afterwards, each silk yarn is woven to create a variety of designs, combining the colored areas to produce patterns.

Mudmee weaving is the oldest form of pattern weaving in Thailand and dates back approximately 3,000 years when sericulture (silk production) was first introduced to Thailand.

Traditionally in Thailand the nobility wore Mudmee on a daily basis, whilst others wore it during festive occasions or ceremonies. Nowadays Mudmee is worn more casually, though the complexity of the weaving makes it stand out from the majority of casual-wear.

Over three months of work for a piece

The whole process to make this one piece took over 3 months! Weaving process alone was around 45-60 days. A traditional weaver can produce about 12 to 15 centimeters of fabric a day only as every process is handmade and complicated. The weavers combine thread after thread to create one precious piece!


Kan Kaen Koon – a signature silk design of Khon Kaen province in Thailand’s northeastern region, known for Mudmee silk.

Kan is a long bamboo reed instrument. It is the most beloved musical instrument in Laos and Northeastern part of Thailand. Kan represents liveliness like the sound of this instrument.

Kaen is part of this province’s name. Kaen in Thai means core.

Koon (also known as Ratchaphruek) is a golden shower tree, which is one of the most popular decorative trees in Thailand due to its massive hanging flower clusters. It was chosen the national flower of Thailand in 2001 in part because the yellow can represent both Buddhism and King Rama IX. It is also the provincial flower of Khon Kaen.


Kan Instrument

Khon Kaen city

Koon or Ratchaphruek (golden shower tree)


Certified with Thai Royal Silk Standard

The piece is guaranteed with Blue Peacock certification!

Thai silk standard or Royal Peacock standard is a quality assurance for Thai silk established by Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, Queen of Thailand. To certify under these standards, each piece is inspected by a registered government inspector.

The standards define four grades of silk fabric produced only in Thailand. They represent different materials and procedure:

Gold Peacock – Thai silk fabric that is made of indigenous Thai silk threads and used traditional processes.


Silver Peacock – Thai silk fabric that is made of indigenous Thai silk threads and used traditional or some applied processes.


Blue Peacock – Thai silk fabric that is made of pure silk threads and used traditional hand weaving or machine weaving processes.


Green Peacock – Thai silk fabric that is made of silk threads blended with other fibers and used mixture of traditional and some modern processes.


This piece can be used in various ways:
  • Great for tailor to skirt or dress on your special occasions
  • Using it as house decoration or curtain, adding Thai style to your home
  • Putting in the frame to display its beautifulness like a piece of art
  • Offer as a gift to your special ones



Get to know the Master of Artisan 

Pranom Thongprasat – With 60 years of experience, Kru Pranom is the master of artisan from Khon Kaen province. Beyond experiences, her intricate works are guaranteed with many award-winning pieces.


Started as a 10-year-old girl

Her skills were passed on from generation to generation. She has started to learn about silk making since she was only ten years old. Kru Pranom still preserves the traditional way of weaving. She has complete control over the quality of every procedure, from pattern creation to dyeing to weaving.

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