Hand-woven Floor Mat from Natural Sedge with Felt Laminated (Navy Blue Combined)


100% hand-woven mat, delicate and exquisite in appearance, with superior quality and a contemporary design. Over a three-year period, this is intertwined with the heart to pass on the value of development to the community. Natural fabrics provide a cool and relaxing feeling.

  • Size: 90x200cm
  • For indoor decoration
  • Natural dyed navy blue color
  • Thorr innovative Combined pattern

Original color-dyed weaving by Thai artisans in the North Eastern part of Thailand. Products designed in Thorr’s studio in Nonthaburi, Thailand

Easy to Take Care!

  1. Vacuum or dust off a mat.
  2. Wipe the mat with a damp cloth.
  3. Flip the mat over and hang it dry. (Please avoid the bright sunlight, the mat will be pale.)

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Inspired by the question, ‘How can we use sedge mats more effectively?

From the past, sedge mat can only be utilized as a place to sit and eat. However we have changed those perceptions by improving color and design, manufacturing quality, type of material. Now sedge mats can be proudly provided to the younger generation and other folks.


Hand-woven mats in various patterns and techniques are created in the more interesting way by applying around the Plaswood block, then putting them together to reflect the interconnection. The final result of this mat introduces new demands and fresh views to a market that was previously far from the ‘sedge mat’ that we are familiar to.


Sedge mats have a long history..

The purpose of weaving mats is to use them in the home. They weave mats for bedding or to use as a mattress in their homes. Is there a house without a mat? The members of the family were viewed as being sluggish. When young individuals get married, they create new families or move into new places on their own. Woven mats will be prepared by the women to be used in the home. It is also woven as a gift for the temple in Thailand. to provide spiritual sustenance for believers over the various festival seasons

Also, the primary source of income for the local Thai population is agriculture, however, some areas were designated for the cultivation of sedge. Where rice is scarce, sedge is plentiful. Sedge can be grown in the leftover space in any rice-growing house. Therefore they can weave into mats to earn extra money.

It is more than a mat..

Sedge mats can be used in a variety of ways, including as a sleeping mat, a living room flooring alternative to carpet, a way to pave the chapel’s slopes, or even as a placemat for a meal with family or friends.

3 shades of brown color dyeing

Colors derived from those found in a sunset. A simple design was created by blending three shades of brown together. Warmth and simplicity are conveyed through the use of brick orange in Thorr’s style.

Our materials..

Thorr weaved from quality Sedge threads selected from planting sites rich in soil minerals. Sedge planting source from Na Wa District, Nakhon Phanom Province.

Sedge : Natural Material from Thailand

Sedge is a grasslike plant with triangular stems and inconspicuous flowers, growing typically in wet ground. With several steps in the preparation process, Puzzle has reached the pinnacle of Thai weaving craftsmanship.



The sedge are cut into 3-5 strands per plant and sun-dried. They are then dyed in hot water and cleansed till the color disappears. Allow it to dry in the sun again after that.


Villagers have used the sedge for centuries. At present it becomes the perfect material for our products due to its strength, durability, and ability to be weaved in intricate patterns.




Starting from Thanapat Boosanan, founder of Thorr, who had been an expert in bamboo architecture was inspired to add more value to Thai handicrafts. She wants to empower young Isaan (North Eastern) women by providing employment for their children and grandkids, so they may be proud of being rural children. Proud of the expense of living associated with forefathers’ creative and cultural legacies.

‘Thorr’  entrepreneurial vision is to be a valuable business that can create sustainable income or jobs for people in our hometown. In line with this, we would like to thank you sincerely for your worthy support, care and love for our product and for extending the long century Thai’s cultural weaving art with us.

Every piece has been crafted to offer Thorr’s aspirations to bestow the refinement, identity and quality of our handmade products. Each and every one of our creations embodies the soul of the master weaver.

From generation to generation..

The design and woven technique formed with generation of knowledge from locals and passed through this knowledge to the new generation to preserve this value of handcraft, Thorr would love to present the perfect balance of modern and traditional vibe.

One of Thorr’s Precious Member

Auntie Tui

lives in Hua Taphan District, Amnat Charoen Province. She has been working with us for almost 4 years since the establishment of the company. The beginning of Auntie’s mat weaving is she learned from family members and adults in the community. Collecting experience points since adolescence. Her skill can be called master level. No matter how intricate patterns are, she can do it. She is still open to new knowledge. She believes that knowledge is infinite, and is keen to learn. And coming to work here with Thorr makes himself an income, finds value and happiness in life.


Global Exhibition

Thorr had been selected by the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce (Thailand) to participate in the Maison & Objet from 2018 to 2021. Maison&Objet Paris is the decoration and lifestyle industry’s most highly publicized event. It’s a constantly updated pool of creative talent from France and overseas present at each edition. The event extends over two weekends to help visitors discover exhibitions and installations in 200 participating sites.

If there’s one event no-one in the decoration & design world wants to miss, it’s Maison&Objet Paris!


Visitors immerse in a vibrant melting pot of the latest trends and surrounded by exciting new finds. Decorative pieces, designer furniture, accessories, textiles, fragrances and tableware stretch as far as the eye can see. With between 6,000 brands & designers, some 300,000 international buyers, 1,500 journalists and over 2 million visitors all year long via their digital platform.