Gurney’s Pitta and the Rafflesia | Narongchai Pratummat

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Gurney’s Pitta and the Rafflesia Kerri

This beautiful artwork is a painting of nature in it’s most vulnerable state. It depicts the beauty of the Rafflesia – a flower that was well-studied by the artist due to his interest in its features. The regal flower blooms only once per year and grows most commonly in Surat Thani province. It has a distinctive smell when in full bloom, some may even consider it an unpleasant whiff. This creates an unavoidable contrast between the way it looks and the way it smells. The artist takes this as a factor of admiration, which leads to his choice of adding the Gurney’s Pitta: a medium sized bird in a critical state of endangerment onto the artwork to represent nature conservation. The birds perched on the flower draws in environmental concerns and points awareness to conserve natures product with the power of his paintbrush.

Technique : Acrylic on Canvas
Style : Painting
Year created : 2021
Size : 70 W x 60 H x 3 D cm
Frame : Framed

Narongchai Pratummat is an artist from Roi Et. His paintings are based strongly on happiness – the feeling he gets from making his art and the main emotion he intends to convey. Coming from a rural area, he sees beauty in nature and the small aspects in life that are crafted by natural forces, thus having this as his main source of energy. Constantly creating off of passion and pure happiness is what makes his artwork a success to him.

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Get to Know the Painting

The Rafflesia is the official flower of Surat Thani in the south of Thailand – it is crowned the largest flowers in the world, growing up to 90cm in width and can weigh up to 7 kilograms. It has a bowl-shaped appearance with yellow dots surrounding its bright red petals. The fact that it is pollinated by flies and not other insects such as bees is the reason behind its strong smell. Despite this, it can be found in Thai delicacies and can even be used in medicine. The human collection of these flowers and the constant disturbance of their habitat causes the Rafflesia to become increasingly rare. Three species are grown and conserved in Khao Sok National Park at Surat Thani.

The bird seen in the painting is none other than the Gurney’s Pitta. This breed is considered a rare sighting and a desired view for many birdwatchers around the world, specifically within the South East Asian location. This stems from the first big discovery of the population in Myanmar, with minimal sightings in the Southern of Thailand. Following the theme of Narongchai and his intention to raise awareness on environmental issues – the bird breed is categorised as critically endangered; having a declining population every year.

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