Faith | Morakot Naksin

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‘Faith’ in this painting the artist impression is to shown clothes, and accessories of Lanna women. All of his art works are not showing face which the message is to say that human faces can be deceptive, impure, manipulative not showing what inside people mind. According to the state of human emotions and mental habits, which are not different from wearing masks together It’s not true purity, so I want to convey the results. without a face but focusing on expression of emotion feelings and gestures, various gestures, including bringing jewellery costume flowers, clothes and hairstyles are used to express in the transmission of works.

Technique : Oil on canvas
Style : Traditional
Year created : 2005
Size : 140W x 140 H x 3 D cm
Frame : Not framed

Morakot Naksin growth up in Chiang Mai for 9 years, for all these years he has observed the culture of Northeast Thailand or Lanna which inspired  most of his art works.  And for 7 years he relocated to Netherlands and Belgium, through these years he continually produced  artworks and got the opportunities to join some of exhibitions in Europe as well. In spite of that, in the early of time where he stay in Europe the impression that gave him is to using  delicate lines as well as cutting the outer strands  hair style that create works that come out in form of half and full body in it. Together as a group and there has been a story of the way of life, including the introduction of symbols of clothes, jewelleries  and hairstyles of Lanna people to create works and become his identity till today.


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Lanna Chiang Mai

Lanna Kingdom is the kingdom  of Thai Yuan people in the past. its located in the Northern region of Thailand. with Chiangmai being the capital, having its own language, text, culture and tradition.

There are many different ethnic groups living in Lanna land or Chaing mai. Lanna and Chiang Mai people will call themselves Tai person. Some people call themselves Khon muang or city people, who assumed that in the past, Lanna land was colonised by Burma. When a lot of Burmese people come into the mix, the original Chiang Mai natives therefore came up with a new word to call themselves a city. Some people say that the word Khon muang or city person is a declaration of self-affirmation they are people in a city with cultural prosperity.

Traditional dress of Northern Thailand


women, especially Chiang Mai,

It is popular to wear a bun high in the middle of the head and then pin or plug flowers to decorate it.
Female toplessness was common in the past, probably only light-colored clothes, which were used in many ways, such as To wrap the cloth under the chest or cover the chest, use it around the neck.
Leave the hem in front or behind the back. Use a slanted shawl, called a sabai, or deviate from wearing a long cross-patterned sarong, called a sarong.



Solo Exhibitions

 2020            “ The Way We Were” La Luna Gallery Chiang Mai THAILAND.

2008 – 2009 “UNESCO EXHIBITIONUNESCO” Bangkok Asia-Pacific Regional          

                       Bureau  for  Education  request the pleasure of your company at the Opening     

                      Ceremony of UNESCO Bangkok   first art exhibition featuring

                     “PEACE OF MINE “Paintings and sculptures by Morrakot Naksin

2008 KAMALAYA Koh Samui ; Suratthani

“The Beauty of Simple Things” La Luna Gallery Chiang Mai THAILAND.

2006     Sunjin  Galleries(s) Pteltd Singapore.

              Amari Watergate hotel Bangkok,Thailand.

2003            INVE Technologies, Dendermonde, Belgium.

2002                “ Faith” Amari Watergate Hotel Bangkok THAILAND.

2001            Westfries Museum, Hoorn, the Netherlands.

2000            “Centrumvoor, Intercultureel Management, Mechelen, Belgium.

1999     De Lanchende Monnik” Drongen / Ghent, Belgium.

                 Les Perles de Pluie,Brussels,Belgium


 1998            “Bird”, Zeedijk, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

1997            Les Perles de Pluie,Brussels,Belgium

 1996            Het Waterschapshuis, Memdemblik, the Netherlands.

                Stadsfeesstzaal Antwerpen Belgium.

                Ham- Mechelen, Belgium.


Group Exhibitions

 2008            DIFFERENCEWAYS

                       – Eastern Center Of Art And Culture Burapha University) ; Chonburi

                       – Emjaroen Gallery ; Kanchanaburi

2007                DIFFERENCEWAYS

                         – Naresuan University Art & Culture Center ; Phitsanulok

                        -Hatyaicity Art & Culture Center ; Songkhla

The Step of Spirit , RIVER CITY COMPLEX Bkk.

Images of Asia And Faith , ISB community initiative Bkk.

“ARTIST SELF PORTRAIT” The Silom Gallery,Bangkok,Thailand

2006     “VISUAL DESIRES” Sunjin  Galleries(s)Pteltd Singapore

2005            Galeria de Arte Ryoichi Jinnai,Lima, Peru

2004            Contemporary Thai- Dutch Art Exhibition ,The Queen’s Gallery Bangkok

 2002     Contemporary Thai- Belgium Art Exhibition, National Museum, Bangkok

 2001            Art Museum, Chiang Mai. ,Thailand

   Shilpa Bhirasri Memorial Gallery, Bangkok. ,Thailand

   Centrumvoor,Intercultureel.Management, Mechelen.Belgium

1999            Gallery De Impasse, Brussels, Belgium.

1998       Les Enfants du Mekong, Cultureel Centrum,Ukkel/ Brussel, Belgium.

                Westfries Museum, Hoorn, the Netherlands.

1997         Snit-Lucas Accademia, Ghent, Belgium.

                 De Brouewrij,Museum Koekelare,Belgium

1996         De Koning van Siam,Westfries Museum,Hoorn,The Netherlands




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