Egotistic Eye Contact | Napanant Rangsrithammakhun

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The feeling that was used as the fuel to motivate the artist to start this creative work is confidence. This drew him to a surprising yet subtle conclusion; the strong and stubborn confidence one has towards another is actually built upon the reactions of their societal surroundings. The more the positive energy, the more confidence there is – this is represented through the many layers of the face which each symbolise the social environment. Different angles of the face could be given to display the different angles in the opinions and thoughts that lace among private conversations. These elements remain an unrecognised process because of how deeply layered they are – making these emotional responses quite unconscious.

Technique : Oil on canvas

Style : Traditional

Year created : 2005

Size : 140 W x 140 H x 3 D cm

Frame : Not framed

Napanant Rangsrithammakhun is an artist and Silpakorn alumni who paints modern contemporary paintings with heavy meaning embedded into every detail. The artist makes reference to Buddhist philosophies to guide him through the ideas he has during his creative process. With knowledge and strong observation in hieroglyphics and structural iconographies, he explores these elements through the bold silhouettes displayed on his well-thought canvas.

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Get to know the artist

“When I was young, I’ve always loved to sketch and illustrate — studying has never been the main focus for me,” recalls the artist. This became the reason Rangsrithammakhun decided to pursue art for his university degree – out of passion and drive. Growing up, he idolized the world renowned Leonardo Davinci; he saw awareness of surroundings the artist has reflected through his creative work, which he found impressive. “Although the answer may not seem so enthralling, I still think da Vinci is a well-rounded man, a great designer,” The artist states. 

Rangsrithammakhun has a fond liking towards Egyptian art form – which has successfully narrated the people in different sizes and in obvious and unique techniques. “My concepts have influenced by two parts together: one from Buddhism in the matter of karma and the rotation of endless death,  while the other part is knowledge about science such as atoms or the basic particles of everything,” To him, this forms a small detail in unity where it makes it seem as though everything we see, smell, taste, and feel is made of the same thing. A preferred method for him is oil paint because the texture is still fresh even when dried and finished. It can also create the weight of the color scheme that the artist intends, when made thoroughly.

“The charm of a work of art is that it’s meant to feel like a letter sent out for recipients to interpret,” The artist expresses. The endless texts in the letter and the message that results from it itself is like a letter that the recipient can interpret. The text in the letter is endless, and sometimes the person who created the letter himself returns to reflect upon those old letters they created at a brief time of their life. In a timely nature, those letters would no longer be interpreted the same, as the author would’ve viewed it from an altered perspective. “I had a loose idea of making a story about immortality but thought that it would be disliked by many Buddhists because it contradicts the teachings of the Buddha,” he recounts his thoughtful experience. “But thinking about it, it was about the uncertainty of life and if life is uncertain then how can we be so sure that it is impossible to be immortal? Well, when it’s uncertain!” 

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