Colorful Local Fine Art | Sakon Malee

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Colorful Local Fine Art | Sakon Malee

Malee was inspired from the way of life he observed through rural Isaan society – a culture that gives high value to faith and beliefs through traditions that have been inherited. The presentation of the color scheme from Isaan loops, overlapping compositions tells the stories of people’s lives. The use of bright colors reflects another a feeling that the artist has towards Isaan culture: depicting its intricacies and the beauty of it.

Technique : Acrylic and gold leaves on canvas
Year created : 2019
Size : 140 W x 170 H x 2 D cm
Frame : Not framed

Sukon Malee was an art professor teaching at Poh Chang college. “Taking this job made me responsible for the knowledge of my students and their creative development. My duty is to inspire them to make art – this allows me to personally develop my own skill sets as well,” Malee addresses his present career. As of now, the artist went back to university for a doctoral degree – remaining at home, in his comfort zone. This allowed him to directly experience ongoing social problems and changes that have been applied to his community. A mixture of local and metropolitan contexts have been combined in his mind.

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More about the Artist

As an artist, the fun in art starts from the ideas. Visualizing the outcome and interpreting the process is what intrigues the artist to restart the process, hence producing consistent artworks. Sakon Malee’s creative works are inspired by local stories – from the way of life to the customs and beliefs that stem from Isan culture. Along with its good practices, the artist brings forth life lessons he learned from this part of his life and started producing contemporary art. He brings Isan color schemes into his paintings along with references to traditional murals or ฮูปแต้ม (Hoop Taem) paintings, found commonly in Northeastern Thailand. These structures slowly became a guideline for him to develop his own style and characteristics. 

His proudest achievement is the exhibition of Isan Murals that he participated in at the Bangkok Art and Cultural Center. His most prized moment, however, was winning awards – specifically his gold medal achievement at the Bua Luang Competition in 2018. 




  • Exhibition of the Mong Sing Art Contest to celebrate the 80th anniversary Boon Rawd Brewery Co., Ltd.
  • The 5th Amata Art Awards Art Exhibition on the topic of Suvarnabhumi
  • Special support award, the 8th nan me fine arts award


  • The 3rd White Elephant Fine Arts Award, “Our House”
  • The 36th Bualuang Paintings Exhibition
  • The 60th National Exhibition of Art
  • The 3rd Mekong Basin Art Exhibition
  • Special Prize, 26th Toshiba Art Contest
  • Special prize, the 9th nan me fine arts award, under the royal patronage


  • The 1st Krung Thai Art Exhibition
  • The 4th White Elephant Art Exhibition on the theme of the King of Thai people
  • The 5th Asia Plus Painting Exhibition on the topic of music, art poetry
  • The 37th Bualuang Paintings Exhibition
  • The 30th PTT Art Exhibition on the topic of Designing the Future
  • The 61st National Exhibition of Art
  • The 6th Amata Art Exhibition on the topic of Amata inventing art


  • The 2nd Krung Thai Art Exhibition
  • The 5th White Elephant Art Exhibition on the topic of relationship and love
  • The 6th Asia Plus Painting Consolation Prize on the topic Shining in the sun


  • The 32nd PTT Art Exhibition
  • Exhibition of Hua Rung group at Chamchuri Art Gallery
  • The 39th Bualuang Paintings Exhibition
  • The 7th Asia Plus Painting Exhibition
  • Participated in the 8th Art Creation Project “Kru Silpa”
  • Exhibition of The Spirit of Thailand from traditional to contemporary in South Korea


  •  The 33rd PTT Art Exhibition


  • Show exhibition Isan way of life painting at People’s Gallery Bangkok Art and Culture Center
  • The 4th Krung Thai Art Exhibition at Krung Thai Art Gallery
  • The 9th Asia Plus Painting Exhibition
  • The 8th White Elephant Fine Arts Exhibition at Bangkok Art and Culture Center
  • The 56th National Art Exhibition at Chao Fah Art Gallery
  • Exhibition of Petch Isaan group, “Home” exhibition at Supachok The Arts Center
  • Displayed an exhibition of national art faculty members “Building 6” at Chamchuri Art Gallery.
  • The 65th National Art Exhibition


  • Exhibition on the 45th anniversary of the Department of National Art at the Queen Sirikit Art Gallery
  • The 42nd Bualuang Paintings Exhibition
  • Exhibition of the creation of Isan contemporary art Korat, the city of art in Nakhon Ratchasima Province
  • Showing at the 66th National Art Exhibition
  • Exhibition of creative research works at the art gallery at Ban Chao Phraya


  • The 36th PTT Art Exhibition
  • The 43rd Bualuang Paintings Exhibition




  • The 31st PTT Fine Arts Awards on the topic of sufficient sufficient. for the sustainable life of Thai people


  • 3rd Prize, Bronze Medal, Traditional Thai Painting The 38th Bualuang Painting
  • Special prize, the 11th nan me fine arts award, in the topic of Conserving Dharma, Conserving Thai


  • 1st Prize, Gold Medal, Traditional Thai Painting The 40th Bualuang Painting by Bualuang Foundation


  • 3rd Prize, Bronze Medal, Traditional Thai Painting 41st Bualuang Painting by Bualuang Foundation


  • Outstanding Award, 35th PTT Fine Arts


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