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Some say print is dead. Neither do we. Not us either. And what does a print lover need? A magazine rack – a clutter-free home where your favorite newspapers and magazines can live until you’ve read them all. Then they go from the magazine holder to the recycling bin, of course!

This vintage art deco magazine rack or newspaper rack craving with detail from Europe features a dog head on the side. The whole rack is made from solid timber. The bottom is protected against scratches by a layer of metal aluminum. The rack also shows its lovely patina and the trace of use which make it more vintage and unique!

a nice storage solution for small spaces

Size : 40 x 15 x 26 cm.

Weight : 2.5 kg

Material : Wood

Condition : This vintage rack remains fully functional with some surface marks or scratches.

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love” – Papaya Studio

PAPAYA STUDIO is Thailand’s largest museum-like antique store covering a massive area of 4 stories filled with million pieces of furniture and decoration. Papaya has been in business for almost half a century.


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What is a Magazine Rack?
For the home, a magazine rack is an accessory piece of furniture that is used to hold magazines, newspapers, and other periodicals that a homeowner may want to save and keep accessible. There are a number of different styles constructed from a variety of different materials including wood, plastic, and metal. Generally a magazine rack is freestanding, but may be incorporated into another piece of furniture.

A brief history…

Around the 1950s, the first metal wired magazine rack was invented and became a popular accessory. They often held the Evening Post or the latest copies of Better Homes and Gardens. As the chrome look gave way to wood, end tables with a magazine rack incorporated into the side began to surface. Today a magazine rack can be one of any number of styles from modern to country to eclectic.

Good piece for small space!
You don’t have to buy a bookshelf but can rearrange your home in a smarter way with a magazine rack.  A magazine rack can be a nice storage solution for small spaces and children’s rooms as they provide a place for magazines, comic books, and other softbound reading material to be kept. Since they are usually small, magazine racks can be conveniently placed next to a favorite reading chair or desk.
A place for antique gems – PAPAYA Studio

Papaya Studio is Thailand’s largest antique warehouse since 1981. They have been in business for almost half a century. There are 4 stories filled with pieces of vintage and antiques. It is home to not thousands, but millions of antique pieces. All kinds of antique, art and retro items can be found here.

Many visitors say that Papaya Studio is not just an antique store but it is like a museum. This is a must visit place and is a place for awesome collections of antique items that you can and can’t imagine. You might find some items that flash back your memories!

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 26 cm


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