3 Bronze Deity Dancing Decor Figurines / Yaowarat Antique Shop

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This appears to be the antique deity statues dressing in Thai traditional style in the gently beautiful dancing posture made of bronze which will make your room look peaceful and classic and will give the sense of oriental Thai style to your place.

Size : 24 x 15 x 41 cm
Weight : approx 3 kg / each
Material : Bronze
Condition : This antique item has no defects, but it may show the imperfections that correlate with age and use.

Yaowarat Antique Shop is located in Yaowarat Street known as the old town of Bangkok. The shop has been open for almost 30 years and offers thousands of pieces of unique oriented antiques. This is a must-see for anyone interested in Thai antiques when visiting Bangkok!

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Get to know ‘Thai Traditional Dance’

Through graceful and elegant movements with elaborately decorated costumes combined with storytelling music, Thai traditional dance has a wonderful history that is still seen today through different types of Thai dance. On International Dance Day, we celebrate the participation and education in dance with a brief introduction to the history of the beautiful dance in Thailand and the different forms it comes in.

As the first theatrical art form of Thailand, Thai dance includes many forms, including Khon, Lakhon Nai, and Li-khe, to name a few. Thai traditional dance is a mixture of graceful and elaborate body movements with lavish costumes and music.

Initially influenced by Indian culture, Thai dance fully evolved during Rama II when strong national characteristics were incorporated. Before Thai dance was open to the public in the 20th century, it was originally only permitted in the Royal Court. The lives of the Thai people largely influence Thai folk dances by the stories of their daily lives with stories relating to religious rituals, rice planting, and harvesting.

4 dances of Thailand


One of the best-known classical dances is the UNESCO Heritage Khon Dance, often performed in the royal court with masked dancers and a narrator. With a history of 400 years, the dance evolved from the ritual and dance of the Hindu temple. Khon is often performed by male dancers dressed as characters, including men, women, demons, and monkeys.


Lakhon Nai

Initially performed by royal maidens, Lakhon Nai is danced mainly by women who work together and perform in groups. It’s the most classical form of Lakhon dance developed within the courts of Ayutthaya and Bangkok. Although women often perform Lakhon Nai, both men and women partake in this classical dance with no difference in style. Graceful acts are used with lively hand movements without much use of the lower half of the body.


Throughout Thailand, Li-khe is a very popular folk dance performed with elaborate costumes and amusing humor. The scripts tell the story of love with the performers, often using improvisation for a funny and engaging act.

Ram Wong

Ram wong, meaning to dance in a circle, is one of the most popular forms of Thai dance. It is a Thai folk dance, and as the name suggests, men and women come together in pairs and dance in a circle. Movements are slow and graceful, and this is one of the most social forms of dance out of the six.

Yaowarat Antique : The Antique shop

“Yaowarat Antique” located in Yaowarat Street known as the old town of Bangkok has been open for over 30 years. Started by the family of “Danvirunhavanich”. By converting little antique artifacts such as old stamps and antique toys into Benjarong or Porcelain plates. Then Mr.Danvirunhavanich began to open his own antique shop which was at first named “Chiva sart” meaning “The lesson of life”. After the retirement of Mr.Danvirunhavanich, “Tee” known as “Tee Yaowarat” : son of Mr.Danvirunhavanich took over to take care of this antique shop. Yaowarat Antique Shop is a popular-oriented antique store among Bangkokian people. Many of their antiques have a unique southeast Asian and Thai style. For those who love Asian antiques, once you come to Bangkok, it’s a must to visit this place


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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 15 × 24 × 41 cm