130 Years Old Wooden Buddha Statue With Lanna Style


Northern Thai art with gold handmade wood figure was created in the Lanna style, which relates to the style of Northern Thailand. Lanna meaning a million rice fields, was one of the greatest periods of North before it was taken over by Siam. But nowaday people from the North still call themself as Lanna people. Lanna had a uniquely rich culture such as food, lilting northern dialect, charming old wooden house and Buddha statue.  

This antique statue made from Teak wood, has a rich historical past and is still very durable. It’s still very durable. Moreover, the speciality is that the statue’s base is made from lead mirror or Jeaun Mirror, which now a day nowadays become rarer and few makers know how to make it.

Style: Lanna Style
Size: 17.5 x 13 x 38 cm
Material: Wood

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The history of Thai Buddhist sculpture can be divided into many periods. Starting from the Dwaravati period, A Sukhothai period, and the Ayutthaya period, The Lanna and The Rattanakosin period. But here, we will focus on Lanna’s style: the period when this wooden statue comes from… Let’s get to know the Lanna Buddhist style!

What is the Lanna Period?

Chiang Sean or Lanna period refers to the Northern Thailand Kingdom during the 12th-21th century. Lanna meaning a million rice fields, was one of the greatest periods of the North before it was taken over by Siam. Lanna had a uniquely rich culture such as food, lilting northern dialect, charming old wooden house, and Buddha statue.

Have you ever heard about Lanna or Chiang Sean’s style?

There are several Thai temples and Buddha sculptures in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nan, and Lamphun you would see a lot of Thai temples and Buddha statues. Have you ever wondered what makes Lanna’s style different from another Thai style? Here are the reasons.
  • The hairstyle is a frame-like halo with a large round hair form. This hairstyle is almost similar to another Thai style except for its own unique round hair form like a medicine pill which makes this one look unique and impressive.
  •  Face Style: Compared to another period, the statue’s face is likely rounder and has no obvious strong hairline.
  • Body Style is mostly influenced by Sukhothai and Ayuthaya for this part has a very similar style such as the slim waist with the convex chest.
  • Cloth style: the hem of the robe over the left shoulder is supposed to be short but it also depends on the maker in the same period. This Hem’s statue is a bit long and almost the same level as the navel.  


Old / Unique / Durable


Just a Wooden Statue?

I would say the 3 words above can be well described for how special it is. But what’s special about this wooden statue, apart from its ages? First it is his lotus base which was made from lead glass in Thai called “Jeaun Mirror”. Nowaday, lead glass or Jeaun Mirror has become rare, and very few makers know how to make it, which makes this wooden Buddha statue more rare and valuable.

Moreover, Teak is used for making this gilt wooden statue. Besides its beauty and auspicious wood, it is also very durable and very resistant to moths and termites which make it more special.


Do you know the ‘Calling the Earth to Witness’ posture?

The posture “ the attitude of subduing mara “ or “Calling the Earth to Witness” is describing the buddha posture: The left-hand lies in the lap, palm upward. The right-hand bend over the right knee, with fingers slightly touching the ground.

A short story about this posture

During his meditation, Buddha at the time referred to Siddhartha’s achievement in attaining enlightenment. He was assaulted by a demon called Mara who attempted to lure the meditating Buddha away from the path of enlightenment. Mara has been trying many ways to make the Buddha out of his meditation, Buddha still silenced.  He kept trying, then The Buddha extended the fingers of his right hand towards the ground and summoned the earth goddess Toranee to bear witness and help defend him from the attack. The goddess wrung her long hair, releasing a torrent of water that washed away Mara and his army. That’s how this posture comes from.

Khummeaungnuea : The Antique shop

“Khummeaungnuea” which located in River City has been opened for almost 10 years by “Veerachai Chaicharoen”. The story started when Veerachai was a teenager. He has an interest in the amulet, Pendant, and Buddha Statue. From his interest into the expert. He become more wildly popular in Northern Thailand as “Joke Lumphun” and started his own antique and amulet association in order to inherit Thai antiques and amulets.

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