Phuu Studio




Phuvaris or Phuu, also known as is a new generation artist producing art with the main emphasis on mood and emotion. With a background in architecture, channels the study of structure and body to his own pieces of work. The artist works with a technique unlike no other — one in which cannot be told to us, but his art form creates a range of scenarios: from the dream-like beach to the deep, dark depths of the forest. He communicates not only a place, but an emotion.

As humans, we link certain feelings with our surroundings as they are what we experience. A lot of the time, we do this with places. By linking a specific place to a certain feeling, we are able to transport ourselves back to the time we were there; that’s why we store these feelings deep inside our memory. This is the intention of the artist, to give his viewers a whiff of emotion — no matter what they may be.