Patchanapohn Wimonsarawong, also known as Peachful, is an artist who channels her creativity into creating artwork that cultivates relaxation, calm, and inner peace in those who experience it. With a genuine intention to provide companionship in their day-to-day lives, Peachful’s art aims to bring solace and comfort to viewers, becoming a trusted friend through life’s ups and downs.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless fairy tales and stories of our childhood, Peachful delicately revisits and reinterprets them as the years pass. These narratives, molded by personal experiences, become unique “fairy tales” that capture the emotions and thoughts of specific moments in time. As her name implies, Peachful’s paintings radiate a sense of peace. However, they also pose thought-provoking questions, encouraging viewers to reflect on the various contexts that shape their lives and inviting them to interpret her artwork in their own meaningful ways.