Pang Tongchit



Tongjit Torsuwan, aka Pang Torsuwan, is a self-taught and ultra-talented artist based in Bangkok, Thailand. Before Pang made her way in the art industry, she graduated with a Political Science degree but with a love of painting, she developed herself to become an artist who now has a great amount of fans. She is sure a person who is working from the heart.

After six years of working in advertising and marketing, she left in 2012 to pursue her interest in art by launching the ‘Pang Torsuwan’ brand of printed bags and scarves. She designed all of the prints for her personal line. As of 2017, her focus has shifted from the fashion business to fine art. Currently, Pang continues to create personal work and also work as a freelance illustrator and print designer.

Pang’s art is influenced by femininity and fashion inspired by women’s stories. Her love of arts inspired her to work on her pieces. Her inspiration mostly comes from surrealism, collage, and abstract.