Niti Chaicharoen or shortly known as Matthew is a young sculptor who loves to express his thoughts, feelings and emotions through his creative process. He was born in 1999 at Pathum Thani province and is the youngest of his family. Finishing his bachelor’s degree in Thai fine arts and printmaking from Silpakorn University. The university is well known in Thailand for being the best academic program for art, nationally.

Chaichaoroen has always indulged in art as a child, but as he grew older he had more opportunities to fully experience all the aspects of art. During his studies at Silpakorn university, he met a network of professional artists and made friends with them, allowing him to draw inspiration from their works. This became a starting point for him and one of the big moments in his career where he confirmed with himself that this is what he wanted to do as a professional career. “Seeing other artists and their work wanted me to push myself and test my creativity. I saw how they incorporate their hobbies within their work while earning an income, which encouraged me to pursue this even further,” Chaicharoen explains.