Jansuwan’s passion for art started at a young age, spending more time with trees and her artwork than with people. Pursuing her passion, she earned a bachelor’s degree in arts from Silpakorn University, Thailand’s renowned art institution, marking the beginning of her self-discovery journey. Through trial and error, she explored various forms of creative art, realizing that the essence of her artistic expression lies in the state and process of creation rather than adhering to a specific pattern or brand.

In her art, Jansuwan expresses what she has learned from life, believing in the interconnectedness of all things and the importance of understanding ourselves to comprehend the world around us. She approaches artistic creation as a tool to convey the stories of her life’s learning at different stages, avoiding stereotypes and instead choosing formats that support her narratives.

Continuing her quest for understanding, Jansuwan seeks to explore the depths of the human mind, using art as a medium to express her evolving comprehension and continuous development in her journey of understanding life.