Kanitta Dongnok lives in Nakhon Ratchasima Province in Northeastern Thailand. She graduated with a master degree in Visual Arts, Faculty of Humanities. Her interest in art sparked ever since childhood, where she studied and learned until she started to feel intrigued by the Thai art style. “I am also interested in painting people and being inspired by the fabrics of Isan (Northeastern Thais) people,” She explains. This specific interest led her to dig deeper into research and study the intricate details of Thai fabric.

“Nowadays, there are many different kinds of costumes or clothes that people wear. Sometimes, they are influenced by other foreign countries. People dress up, do make up, do hair following the trend that was popular at the time. They are also inspired by famous singers and actors to be attractive and beautiful. As the Thai saying goes, “a chicken is beautiful because of its feathers, and a person is beautiful because of its dress”. However, the true beauty of a person is not a good dress but a good heart, and good manners. Manners are more important than outward beauty.”