The start of Jirasak Tareyachai’s passion for art is his interest in Thai Fine Art, which he views as a generational piece of work and has been recreated to this day. Thai Art has grown continuously over the years — it now not only consists of different art styles but is inspired by a varying mode of major concepts seen in the country surroundings. Religious beliefs, lifestyle and daily routine all partake in the elements that form the art pieces. This adds on to the meaning and beauty of the painting – to have a message to communicate from underneath the creativity is the important factor for the artist. By using Thai arts as a form of action to create an expression of intense movement as a case study, it shows the power of the superposition of shapes. There are both conflicts and harmony in the power of shapes in Thai contemporary art.Thai architecture received beautiful arts and culture from the past. Even when they began to decay over time, the shapes still retain their beauty and power.