Jirasak Anujohn is an accomplished artist with a notable track record in art competitions and exhibitions both locally and internationally. Having studied at the Poh-Chang Academy of Arts, he has developed practical skills that serve as the foundation for his successful art career. Jirasak’s expertise lies in charcoal drawing, particularly in capturing intricate details like wrinkles on the human face and body, portraying the effects of time. His realistic portraits have been showcased in esteemed galleries such as Chamchuri Gallery and BACC, and he was recognized as an Established Artist in the 12th UOB Painting of the Year 2021 competition.

Internationally, Jirasak has exhibited his works in renowned venues like the Adda Sarto gallery in Paris, the International Art Fair in Busan, and the Art Fair Stockholm. He acknowledges the different approaches to art in Europe, where technical skills are highly valued, while Thailand emphasizes creativity and ideas. He believes understanding the objectives of art competitions is crucial for success, as it helps artists align their entries with the judges’ expectations.

In addition to his charcoal drawings, Jirasak also runs his own gallery called ‘Nice Gallery,’ which features Impressionist paintings. Inspired by the pastoral scenery around his hometown in Lopburi, his unique style of impressionism incorporates local elements such as natural light and green banana leaves, offering a fresh perspective on the art movement.