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New Artist - Jay Lee


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1 DAY Art Lecture with BACC (for Thai Art Lover)

Nowhere to learn Thai Art in English!
So we prepare the great opportunity to learn Thai Art in English. Also, walking with private docent in BACC exhibition will give special experience to participants. see more >>

A decoration set from SILPA will freshen your room with cozy modern style!

Having trouble matching your room? No worry, here SILPA selected a furniture handmade set that will match any style of your room with natural craft products from Thor to help your house warm and pleasant!

Don’t miss out, if you want to make your room nice, modern and cozy!

Back to 90’ vibe with SILPA

Are you a vintage lover? If you enjoy vintage products, you’ve come to the correct spot since SILPA has a large selection of high-quality vintage items, particularly for you. Vintage items will transport you back to the 1990s.

Let’s create a 90′ vibe in your house together.

But first coffee?

If you are the person who always wakes up and freshen right away your day with a nice cup of coffee in the morning.

Have you ever wonder how many times does your favorite cup of coffee has been used? Is it the best time to have a new cup of the coffee to start your new day with energy?

We recommended you a Benjarong cup made from high quality ceramic with hand painted Thai luxurious style! Which will make your afternoon tea party a fabulous time with friends and family! and it will make have a splendid morning coffee vibes with delightful!

Oldies But Goodies

From Papaya Studio, the biggest antique museum-like shop in Thailand will be delivered to your hand. Rare oldies items that we exclusively selected for you.

3 antique products selected from PAPAYA studios that will keep your room updated with the style!

TAWEE RATCHANEEKORN, 1960 – 2022 : A Retrospective Exhibition

Featuring over 60 paintings, sculptures, and mixed media works, the retrospective exhibition showcases the life’s work of Tawee Ratchaneekorn, Thailand’s 2005 National Artist in Visual Arts (painting). At the age of 88, Tawee continues to capture contemporary social issues and synthesize them into compelling oeuvres, each an autobiography and a record of Thai historical
events. .. See more

5 amulets that can help you become prosperous!

Each batch of amulets blessed by revered monks in the temple before handing out. It is strongly believed that the amulet will bring wealth and success into the life of the collector and wearer!