Thorr, Passion of Thai Weaving Culture

Starting from Thanapat Boosanan, founder of Thorr, who had been an expert in bamboo architecture was inspired to add more value to Thai handicrafts. She wants to empower young Isaan (North Eastern) women by providing employment for their children and grandkids, so they may be proud of being rural children. Proud of the expense of living associated with forefathers’ creative and cultural legacies.

The design and woven technique formed with generation of knowledge from locals and passed through this knowledge to the new generation to preserve this value of handcraft, Thorr would love to present the perfect balance of modern and traditional vibe.

WAT About Siam, Exploring Thai cultures through the scenery of temples and palaces

‘WAT ABOUT SIAM’ is willing to be one of you to let you take a deep rest by their items. The enlightening stupa is not just being a candle stupa but your warmest hug during the happy time, Joy time, Sad time, and Relaxation time that will stay with you calmly and comfortably.


ZHOWCASE is known as a brand of textile products that combine handicrafts with modernity. Capturing Thainess in a new design, adding graphic patterns to create a new image for products with a Thai aura. Along with applying design to create products that are charming, easy to understand, beautiful, but hidden with Thai values and meanings.