Artist Family Studio Visiting

The first and only studio visit for renowned national artists, Wal and Kraisak Chirachaisakul.
Delve into the world of mezzotint and fully engage with the art of printmaking at Kalwit Studio & Gallery.
Experience an exclusive face-to-face chat with the artists themselves; get to truly know art.

Kraisak Chirachaisakul

Kraisak Chirachaisakul started his career working with art-based jobs. After the political turbulence of 2010, he decided to go back to what he had left behind for nearly 20 years; Printmaking and painting. Kraisak makes his return in painting during 2020 after a long hiatus, he also passed on his creativity to his son Wal, who now has many awards and whose work is now featured in the collections of Tim Cook and Bill Bensley. Wal’s sibling, Kit or Kraisak’s younger son is also an artist who recently opened up a gallery, his artwork also belonging in Cook’s art collection.

Wal Chirachaisakul

Wal has successfully dabbled into the art industry as an artist, etching printmaker, curator, and fine art production manager for today’s leading global artists. His talent for contemporary oil painting has shone through recent years, building a reputable name for himself amongst his collectors. Not only Wal, but his younger brother’s Kit’s printmaking sit in the collection of Tim Cook, founder of Apple and famous architect, Bill Bensley, while his other works are presented in prestigious museums and institutions. His skills may derive more from the genes of his father, Kraisak who has won several national awards and gained a heavy reputation since the late 80’s.

Meeting Schedule

Date on January

2 PM 23th / 10 AM 30th