The Opposite Route to Celestial Light

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Having participated in regional art fairs in Hong kong, Taipei, Malaysia, and Singapore, Number 1 is set to further raise our promotion of Thai art upon the international stage.

Exhibition Information

“The Opposite Route to Celestial Light” is the solo exhibition by Rachata Siriyakul who employs widely practised ancient technique from the Venetian Renaissance to narrate a story through a series of his paintings. Meticulous attention to detail is required at every step; from being inspired by the material to be used to determining the pattern that best captures the feeling. One of the most significant elements of this technique is grounding, which must be thick to some extent to ensure that the colours bond with the material upon which they are painted. It is, therefore, evident that Rachata ’s oil paintings have grounding as strong as the elastic wall. The tone of colour in the painting genuinely reflects the reality of the objects whereby layers and layers of hues are used until they harmoniously blend to create illusion. Another important feature of this ancient technique is that the artists can make adjustments on the painting as much as and as long as they wish; this is what Rachata regards as an advantage of employing the antique painting technique.

“Amidst the darkness, a cool beam permeates through the cracks of the wall against the beauty in front. In the emptiness, the director of the tragedy smacks the backdrops and re-assembles them with broken pieces scattering on the ground. After a while, he smacks them again and repeats this loop for countless times, leaving the trace of destruction and beauty and re-creating them with natural forces –wind, soil, rocks, metals and fume– and all kinds of audible sounds to fill them with the human senses of taste, touch, smell, sight, and sound.”

Inspired by series of photos in popular fables, the artist gave birth to a unique series of imaginative oil paintings that conveys a strong desire to create his own world and by being the creator of such a world, these paintings are formed by the combination of various photos like a collage without any specific rules or patterns. The artist assumes the role of a director of a play and sets the direction in the way he truly desires.


Rachata Siriyakul

Rachata Siriyakul was born in Thailand and received education in a Thai school until he was 14 before moving to Singapore to continue his artistic education in 2015.

Two years later, he was admitted to The School of John Angel, Florence, Italy, and then continued to advance his artistic endeavours under the close supervision of Mr. Odd Nerdrum, the internationally acclaimed painter from Norway.

In 2018, Rachata’s work was featured in Bangkok Art Biennale organised by Lotus de Vivre at the Theatre of Indulgence Gallery.

The Dance of Evils | 2022 | Oil on linen | 97 x 151 cm
The Victor among The Three II | 2021 | Oil on linen | 197.5 x 149.5 cm
The Rescuer (Daimyo Yabu Rescues The Portuguese Navigator) | 2020 | Oil on linen | 90 x 78.2 cm
The Three Sisters and the Warthog | 2021 | Oil on linen | 126.7 x 208 cm
The Black Priest Heading towards the Prison | 2021 | Oil on linen | 59.4 x 38.2 cm
The Protector (Warthog) Holding a Snake | 2022 | Oil on linen | 140.3 x 120.5 cm

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