TAWEE RATCHANEEKORN, 1960 – 2022 : A Retrospective Exhibition

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Exhibition Information

Featuring over 60 paintings, sculptures, and mixed media works, the retrospective exhibition showcases the life’s work of Tawee Ratchaneekorn, Thailand’s 2005 National Artist in Visual Arts (painting). At the age of 88, Tawee continues to capture contemporary social issues and synthesize them into compelling oeuvres, each an autobiography and a record of Thai historical events.

As a “social animal:, Tawee Ratchaneekorn does not only observe his surroundings but also soaks up everything that happened in his life, shaping him into the person he is today. Instead of enjoying a peaceful retired life, he continues to wield his paint brush with his signature bold and steady strokes, creating soulful pieces of art.

Tawee Ratchaneekorn’s works, always a commentary on Thailand’s major historical events, mirror his unwavering principles and uncompromising courage to express them. His aim was not to produce art that changes the world nor to display his greatness. Rather, his oeuvres emanate a passionate sincerity that is unmistakably Tawee Ratchaneekorn’s.


Thawee Ratchaneekorn

Thawee Ratchaneekorn (1934 – present, b. Ratchaburi) is a prominent Thai artist who aspires to produce works that reflect social, political, cultural and environmental issues. His artworks, which spans across various mediums including painting to sculpture, to mixed media, encourages public awareness and contemplation on these issues. Many of his works have earned him the 8th to 15th National Artist Awards.

After receiving a Bachelor Degree in Painting from Silpakorn University in 1961, Ratchaneekorn taught art at the Northeastern Technical Institute in Nakhon Ratchasima province (also known as Rajamangala University of Technology Isan at present). Later, in 1966, he co-founded the Fine Arts Department, which became the region’s first contemporary art institution. Throughout his teaching career, he was determined to pass on his knowledge and ideals to his students in order for them to become artistically and politically active. He is regarded as one of pivotal figure in the ‘Art For Life’ movement among Korat-Isan artists, also known as the Korat Artists.

Ratchaneekorn continued to practice art as an independent artist after his retirement, producing critical works and works that reflect social, political, and environmental issues. He was awarded the “Red” Art Award for Excellent Visual Art for Peace, Democracy, and Justice by the Pridi Banomyong Institute in Bangkok in 2002, and was named a National Artist in the Painting category in 2005.

Tree | 1960 | Oil on canvas | 76.5 x 101.5 cm
Crazy Coffer | 1998 | Mixed media, Wood carving, Shell | 52 x 35.5 x 25 cm
The Artist and Mulberry Paper | 2021 | Oil on canvas | 90 x 120 cm
War Animal | 1967 | Oil on canvas | 70 x 60 cm
Committee of Constitution Drafting Assembly | 1997 | Oil on canvas | 145 x 100 cm

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