Story of My Mind

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Exhibition Information

Story of My Mind


“What will happen if one day we turn into a character in tarot cards?”

The exhibition Story of My Mind tells the story of a girl in a red cloak who journeys into Tarot’s Major Arcana Cards, which are the first 22 cards in most tarot decks. Her voyage begins with The Fool (card number 0) and concludes with The World (card number 21). On her journey, she faces a broad range of hurdles that will have fans rooting for her from start to finish. What makes the show unique is the ideal combination of a tale in each tarot card and the paintings in which spectators will witness iconic tarot cards such as The Sun, The Moon, and The Star being translated into large canvases.

Furthermore, this show may be interpreted as a vast journal in which the artist expresses her inner sentiments such as happiness, grief, disappointment, and satisfaction via the character of a little girl in a red cloak, a representation of the artist herself. The names of each painting, inspired by tarot cards, are a reflection of her past, present, and future, and everyone is welcome to examine the significance of each painting to learn more about the artist’s personality. How does a girl in a red cloak’s quest conclude? What is the connection between each tarot card and the artist? Let’s find out the solution while also having fun at Story of My Mind.


Puntita Meeboonsabai

Puntita Meeboonsabai (b.1997)

Bow Puntita is a young artist whose work has been featured in publications such as aday, Timeout, Workpoint, Matichon Weekly, and many more.

Puntita developed her affinity for painting when she was three years old. Since then, she has been practicing painting with the help of her family. Puntita worked hard to enhance her creative abilities. Eventually, she gained recognition in art culture and among art collectors while studying Painting, Sculpture, and Graphic Arts at Silpakorn University. Her distinct Surrealist style will entertain and enthrall viewers while transporting them to a magical realm.

The Star
The Star | Artist: Bow Puntita | Size 31.5x50 CM
The Moon
The Moon | Artist: Bow Puntita | Size 31.5x50 CM
The Sun
The Sun | Artist: Bow Puntita | Size 31.5x50 CM

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