Solo Exhibition: NOPPAWONG RAMA


TRENDY was founded in 2005 as a lifestyle company. They intend to amass artworks, designs, art gallery souvenirs, and toys. They began operations at a period in the art sector when Western items steadily shifted their production base to Asian countries, resulting in the blossoming age of toys. Toy figurines that are not based on comics, television, or hero characters have become popular in this era, while street art and pop art have developed. Toys, arts, and fashion were all indistinguishable.

TRENDY’s products are inspired by (popular) artists, designers, and manufacturers who place a strong emphasis on design, function, and material. They feel that what they do serves to inspire people on a daily basis.

Exhibition Information

Solo Exhibition: NOPPAWONG RAMA

A solo show by the accomplished artist Noppawong Baothong is proudly presented by Trendy Gallery in association with ICONSIAM. Through his paintings, which unmistakably display his exceptional talent and personality, Baothong narrates the chronicle of Thai culture.
Everyone is cordially welcomed to take in the “Noppawong Rama” exhibition, which uses the cinema projection notion as its central premise to offer works that differ in their substance and expression methods yet are displayed together. It’s similar to going to a standalone theater to watch a movie, and the film being shown this time is a “Thai movie.”

When two or more movies were played in a “Cine-Rama” system with three lenses and enormous surrounding speakers to make the spectators feel involved in the movie events, standalone theaters, open-air cinemas, and drug-selling mobile cinemas were once inexpensive entertainment hubs for villages. Such agreements formed by movie theaters or screening establishments frequently finish in “Rama.”

It is encouraging that these works have propelled the Thai art scene to both energize the economy and make art more accessible to the general population in an era where “street art” or “pop culture” is growing increasingly popular both domestically and internationally. As a result, the concept of “art” is not something that the general population cannot understand. To sustain the national character of local arts, traditional Thai art must yet be fiercely preserved. This exhibition aims to demonstrate how Thai art can both exist in the present and shape the future by drawing inspiration from the past.


Noppawong Baothooong

Noppawong Baothong” (Thai, B.1982)

In light of this, he routinely creates his artwork in a range of media. And every item of his work has the mark of his being an “experimenter,” which denotes that the originality of each work results from the artist’s application of his creative abilities via repetition and careful thought until it is realized. Each significant work wonderfully and uniquely portrays the tales of each circumstance. Because creating art is about communicating a narrative from the inside out rather than trying to achieve perfection. Since he can remember, Noppawong, an artist, has been fascinated by science. As a result, he used science in his artistic creations. In actuality, he has been sketching ever since he can remember. But in middle school, he gave science all of his focus—until the great crossroads of life opened out in front of him. The admission tests at that point abruptly required him to study art despite having no prior experience in the field. He was first accepted to Silpakorn University’s Faculty of Decorative Arts.

He enrolled at the Faculty of Paintings, Sculptures, and Prints, Department of Thai Arts after practicing painting until he was proficient enough. He practiced by trial and error because his experimenter blood demanded it. He then entered his creation in a “Bualuang Painting” competition and took home a bronze award. Another turning moment occurred when he realized that his employment might provide him with cash during his time of need. Since that performance, he has taken part in an increasing number of competitions with the goal of becoming a full-time artist. He has received various honors during this period.

He now has the wherewithal to support his life and the physical and mental vigor as a result of the public’s appreciation of his work. These elements have aided his never-ending artistic production.
If you look closely enough, you will notice that his work has been combined with a potpourri of techniques akin to an alchemist, reflecting his zeal for experimenting. Through expertise collected over a decade, he is able to combine simple patterns and the psychological use of colors in narrative seen in movies.

He is able to incorporate all of the elements of the world into a piece of art that captures the essence of the Isaan Thai house, which he considers to be the foundation of all of his creations. Although he uses a variety of techniques and tells tales in his works, “Thainess,” which makes fun of the universality found in every molecule of his creations, is one thing he has never left his work. Noppawong’s art, which is defined as “a person who keeps to his origins without being tame,” is what unmistakably defines and possesses him on a spiritual level. It’s possible that after you get familiar with this artist’s work, you’ll mistakenly refer to it as a scientific study.

DR.DANCING, 2022 | Artist : Noppawong Baothong | Technique : Acrylic on printed canvas | Size : 80 x 74 cm (Framed)
DR.DANCING, 2022 | Artist : Noppawong Baothong | Technique : Acrylic on printed canvas | Size : 80 x 74 cm (Framed)
FULFILLMENT DRAWING, 2022 | Artist : Noppawong Baothong | Technique : Colored pencils on paper | Size : 56 x 42 cm (Framed)

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